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Charles Turner is currently living in South Mills, North Carolina, working as an Aviation Electronics/Electrition Mechanic and is interested in Aerospace & Defense.
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Aviation Electronics/Electrition Mechanic


South Mills, North Carolina

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Aerospace & Defense

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Charles Anthony Turner
252-771-2491 (Home)
757-353-5727 (Mobile)

OBJECTIVE: Aviation Electronics/Electrician Maintenance Mechanic

WORK EXPERIENCE: Job Title Held, Electronics Technician Maintenance III

Lear Seiglar Service, Inc… LSI Government Contractor and now known as URS.
United States Coast Guard Base
Aviation Logistics Center ALC and Part of IOD
Avionics Building 63
Avionics Shop 233/Electrical Shop 242
Weeks Ville Road
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909-5001
Date Employed: 8-22-2008-To 9-19-2012

Supervisor: LSI – Bob Swain: 252-722-5047 cell phone
Avionics Mechanic: I have been assigned to work overhauling, restoring and repairing H-60 and H-65 Landing/Search Lights and Infer Red Search Lights. This encompasses inspection, repair and total disassembly of the lights, and then using cornstarch blasting to totally strip away all paint and corrosion. Then prepare for priming, and preparation for painting. All hardware is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and then parts are sorted and reassembled. The wiring harness is restored to new condition and/or rebuilt from scratch and then reassembled. The light is then aligned, lubricated, inspected and tested and checks and made RFI. All tools are provided and all machinery and/or test equipment is available for test and check and alignment. I use a 2M solder stations and adhere to the MSDS Program in control and use of needed chemicals. I also use ultra sonic cleaners and cornstarch media sand blaster, paint booths, cleaning stations for paint preparation and cleaning. I have also been cross training on H60 and H65 Helicopter hydraulic winch control panel. Bill Hurt is the Senior Civil Service Supervisor assigned me to work the Landing Lights in Shop 242 Electrical Shop.

Dynamic Systems Integration, Inc.
2649 Production Road
Virginia Beach, VA, 23454
Date Employed: 3/2/2005-3/27/2008

Supervisor: George Lampkin: Cell# 757-636-4516
Level 2 Electronics Technician/Field and Customer Service Technician
Built Audio, and Video Mid Atlantic Racks for schools, hotels, restaurants, residences, and Sears Stores. Built video distribution boards, and intercom racks. Built Dukane intercom rack systems for schools and programmed them using a laptop & software. Built 110/66-block board for telephone and LAN systems. Worked in DSI Service Department handling service calls and repairs for customers. Worked in the field as a cable puller and electronics equipment installer. Installed video projectors and replaced projector bulbs. Installed Voice over IP Phone systems and wireless access points. Helped in the install of large Plasma and LCD TV wall mounted systems. Hung wall mounted speakers in schools, cafatoriums and theaters. Pulled and ran LAN/Cat5 & Cat6 and Fiber Optic, Signal and Power cables at many different sites. Used Fluke Data Tester for LAN Cat5 cable verifications and generated associated reports. Had to use digital camera to document LAN data rack reconfigurations and jobs. Installed and changed out UPS power backup systems. Troubleshot “Primex Wireless” and analogue clock systems in schools. Worked on, and troubleshot, motorized drop down screens. Used Wave Tek & Sencor CCTV Power Meters to measure TV signal strengths to set up school wide cable TV systems. Was involved in troubleshooting, and changed out defective BDI fiber to video receivers. Repaired 2 plasma TV ceiling lifts of which the braking systems were failing. Worked as the DSI Warehouse Manager for 1 year. Improving the warehouse appearance and bringing order and functionality to everyday warehouse operations. By performing warehouse inventory I was able to find and recover many lost component parts, and lots of unused wire cable, saving DSI hundreds of dollars. As Warehouse Manager, I was in charge of all shipping and receiving preparations and functions. As the contact person for UPS, I used the UPS World Ship Software Program to prepare all receiving of ordered parts from vendors and equipment in need of repair. I was also the contact person for FEDEX. I have experience using a forklift extensively in the warehouse. I have experience using a vertical hydraulic lift and large bucket lift. I made several deliveries driving a company van or very large Pansky Rental Truck over long distances to deliver and pick up equipment.

Hall Kinion & Associates, Inc.
Atlanta, GA (Was bought out by KFORCE Inc.)
1001 East Palm Ave
Tampa FL 33605
Date Employed: 11/2003-04/2004

Computer Technician
Assigned to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet contract at Dataline, Norfolk Virginia, on the NMCI Project.
Computer Deployment Team member working at various Hampton Road Naval and Marine Corp Facilities from 16 November 2003 to 24 December 2004. Backed up personal Windows 98, NT and 2000 Pro setting on Legacy computer systems and migrated all backed up settings and documents to new Dell Desktop and Laptop system including personal Outlook .pst data. Also held personal one on one orientation for each person involved with New Dell Workstations, ensuring that all personal data was migrated from Legacy computer systems. Held interim secret clearance.

ISSG-Information Systems Support Group
Burbank, CA
Dates Employed: 6/2003 (per contracted 1 job)
Supervisor not Available

Network Computer Technician (Independent Contractor)
Assigned to the Wachovia Financial Center Branch Opening, Closings & Consolidations Project for Getronics – Professional Services Group Office out of Tampa, Florida. Configured and Assembled Dell ARGO Workstation w/Windows 2000 Professional, specialized banking software and network routers, switches and printers; installed, troubleshoot and repaired network and computer related problems.

New Life Christian Fellowship
1101 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Dates Employed: 02/2002-10/2002
Supervisor not Available

Network Administrator
Maintained Domain Server, Citrix MetaFrame XP Server, and Web Server. Was responsible for configuration of Citrix ICA client configurations, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Citrix Nfuse Internet Technologies. Maintained interconnectivity between multiple geographic network sites. Built and fabricated network infrastructure and configurations.
Installed, configured, prepared, built up, supported, repair, and troubleshoot the following as needed: Windows 95, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows XP Professional and Home, Window 2000 Professional, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server. Configured an HP AutoSure Back Up PC25 Server. Configured and supported Symantec Norton Enterprise Anti Virus software protection program. Covered all LAN printing solutions. Equipment Supported: HP AutoSure Back Up PC25 Server, Linksys hubs and routers, Dell 4400 Power Edge Server, Dell 2200 Power Edge Server, Compaq M437 Proliant Server, Dell 2024 Power Connect Switch, Linksys Ether Cable/DSL Router, Linksys 4–24 port work group hub, APCs all types, Compaq and Dell Laptop computers. (Supervisor not available) Church totally change name and is total different congregation.

Marpé International (Vital Food Sources)
3026-A Tyre Neck Road
Portsmouth, VA 23703
Dates Employed: 04/2001-06/2001
Went out of Business

Manager of Operations
Interfaced with Cedar Productions and on web site construction matters. Establish online ordering of products and
Interfaced with OrderPro over Local Area Network (LAN) and Website.
Established and administered new email accounts though website.
Responsible for product inventory management. Implemented new databases, and trained staff personnel in the use of databases. Supervised all database management functions. Surveyed and created all mailing lists and mail merges. Assisted staff in the use of Excel spreadsheets.
Created and updated many reports as needed. Researched and obtained Internet services such as dial up network, and DSL web connectivity. Maintain NT Server and LAN. Functioned as software and hardware problem solver. Used Microsoft Business Office 97/2000, Microsoft Windows NT, and Microsoft Windows NT Server, UPS Online World Ship software. (Supervisor's Name: Susan Martin. Phone: 757-352-4831.)
This Business Moved to Texas

Regent University Computer Services
1000 Regent Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Dates Employed: 10/1999-03/2001
Supervisor: Bob Fritz 540-337-3735, no longer works for this company and has moved out of the area.

Computer Training Supervisor
Taught classes, and wrote technical course materials for Regent
University Faculty and Staff. Coordinated campus wide training
initiatives. Planned and taught computer orientation classes for new employees, and in-house technical training for all employees. Helped resolve LAN problems, and setting up Microsoft Office 97/2000 software. Acted as technical training advisor to the Director of Computer
Services. Planned and documented course activities using the OnTrack for Training Software Program by DK Systems. Installed and configured LAN wide OnTrack for Training Software at Regent University. Developed, written course materials such as lesson plans, lesson topic guides, student handouts and course evaluation materials. Conducted custom on site technical training and support. Maintained, supported, and updated Regent Training Website. Computer Application Skills: Microsoft Office 97/2000 Professional, OnTrack for Training by DK Systems, Click Book, Data Tel, Microsoft SQL, SCT Banner, Oracle Financials, Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, “Netscape Calendar: Trainer”, Palm Pilot III, FTP Application, Novel Client, Microsoft Front Page, SnagIt, PTS Learning Systems Software, Microsoft Small Office 2000, Microsoft Direct Mail Manager, Microsoft TechNet, Operating Systems Used: DOS 6.22, Microsoft Windows 95, 98SE, NT, 2000 Professional.

Wyle Laboratories (This office no longer exists)
3200 Magruder Boulevard
Hampton, VA 23666
Dates Employed: 05/1997-09/1999

Calibration Electronics Engineer Level II NASA Langley Air Force Base (Repair And Calibration Support Contract): Performed restorative and preventative maintenance, after performing operational and functional checks, and calibration, and repair, as needed on over 500 different types of General Purpose Electronics Test Equipment (GEPTE). Supported very specialized and customized electronics computer controlled Precision Measuring Equipment (PME) used by NASA. Maintained a fully functional and operative electronics calibration test & repair workbench. Documented all phases of repair, calibration, and maintenance. Utilized IEEE-488 computer interfaces and PCs to talk with various electronically controlled PME devices. (Supervisor's Name: Bruce Utne, Marilyn Kuhn was HR. No Current Phone Number

United States Navy
Dates Employed: 07/1970-09/1992
Aviation Electronics Technician (AT1 AW/E-6)

1. USS America CV-66 Calibration Laboratory Supervisor and PME Avionics Technician, Leading Petty Officer. (4/89-9/92) Calibration Laboratory Supervisor and PME/Avionics Technician and Leading Petty Officer - managed 25 technicians and Precision Measuring Equipment. Was PME Supervisor - managed PME calibration and incidental repair of an inventory of 2000 line items of equipment.

2. Fleet Aviation Support Training Group Atlantic (FASOTRAGRULANT), Norfolk Virginia - Navy Instructor and Curriculum Development Administrator. (11/85-11/88): Designed, taught, reviewed and updated and revised curricula for junior instructors. Experienced in the disciplines and competencies of instruction, and curriculum development. Developed testing and training programs. Instructed Naval Officers, Enlisted and Civilian personnel in Naval Aviation Maintenance practices and policies relating to OPNAV 4790 instructions. Helped in transition of AB Dick Computer System to modern IBM PC based computer systems with Navy procured Software, and trained command fiscal department in the operation of their computer software and related hardware. Was trained in the use of the Xerox 6065 and the Diablo Daisy Wheel Printer using Word Perfect.

3. USS Inchon LPH- 12 - Calibration Laboratory Supervisor and PME Avionics Service Technician. (8/82-8/85)

4. Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana Calibration Laboratory (IFF & TACAN Calibration and Maintenance Technician for AIMS Phase E-8 Calibration Package). (8/79-11/81)

5. Attack Squadron 85 A-6 Intruder Aircraft Avionics Maintenance Technician. (4/76-11/76)

6. Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), NAS Norfolk, Virginia Communications Navigation Maintenance Technician. (11/72-12/74)

7. AIRBORNE EARLY WARNING SQUADRON 120(RVAW-120) El-B/E2-C Hawkeye Avionics Maintenance Technician. (2/72-11/72)

8. FRAMP Training at RVAW-120. Training, Naval Air Technical Training Center Millington TN. Training, Boot Camp. (7/70-1/72)

El Centro Junior Collage
Dallas, TX 75202-3604
United States of America
Earning Credits, 1969
18 Semester Hours
Minor: Credits earned towards an Under Graduate Degree
Southwest High School Independent School District
San Antonio, TX 78252
High School, 1968
19 High School Credit
Major: Science and Math

1. Miniature Electronic Repair Navy Course, October 1990: C-100-3182;
2. Phase B Pressure and Piston Type Air Gages Navy Course,
3. June 1984:N-198-0102;
4. Phase D Torque; Tension and Temperature Calibration Course :
June 1984, N-198-0104;
5. A6 Micro Logic Devices Intermediate Level Maintenance Course
March 1981:C-104-3767/266Q;
6. Calibration Supervisor Training Course, January 1981: N-l98-0330; Sweep Frequency Measurements Course (PDS CODE Q72 Duration-76 Hours: G2ASR32470 015, August 1979,U.S. Air Force Technical Training School, Lowery Air Force Base, Colorado; Microwave Measurement & Calibration Course (Navy) (PDS Code UJ5, Duration-158 Hours: G3AZR32470022, July 1979, U.S. Air Force Technical Training School, Lowery Air Force Base, Colorado;
7. Advanced Electrical-Electronics Measurement Course (PDS Code E9D, Duration - 235 Hours: G3AZR32470005 June 1979, U.S. Air Force Technical Training School, Lowery Air Force Base, Colorado;
8. Avionics Advanced Course Class C7, January 1976;
9. Advanced First Term Avionics Course Class B, September 1971;
10. Avionics Technician School Class A, April 1971.

Typing competencies 45 words per minute. Performed non-supervisory work involved in maintenance, repair, calibration, and certification of electronic test, measurement, and reference equipment used for precise measurement of a variety of electrical and electronic values, quantities, and relationships such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, inductance, and RF Microwave Power. Have a working knowledge and practical application of electronic principles and the ability to perform precise measurement of electrical and electronic values, quantities, and relationships. Have required skills in performing such processes as troubleshooting, diagnostics, repairing, modifying, and overhauling, preservation, corrosion control, testing, installing, calibrating , aligning and a vast variety of measurement equipment, instruments, and consoles.

Accommodations awarded while in the U.S. Navy.
Armed Forces Decorations and Awards: (1) Navy Achievement Medal, (5)Good Conduct Medal(Navy), (1) Navy Expeditionary Medal w/1 Star, (1)National Defense Service Medal w/1 Bronze Star, (1) Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, (1) Sea Service Deployment Ribbon w/4 Bronze Stars(3) Navy Unit Commendation w/1 Bronze Star, (1) Navy Battle "E" Ribbon w/Silver Star, (1) Southwest Asia Service Medal w/3 Bronze Stars, (1)Kuwait Liberation Medal.
Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Award (January 11, 1984 awarded by Robert F. Dunn Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic (CNAL)). (STAR Award by Regent University December 9,1999:(S-Servant; Second-Miler, T-Team Player, A-Adapter, R-Resourceful; Reliable)

Completed 22 years of continuous military service in the U.S. Navy (Viet Nam and Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield); Honorable Discharge from U.S. Navy; awarded Navy Achievement Medal.
Married, Excellent Health, Non-Smoker, Active in Local Church.

Navy Enlisted Classification Codes Earned as follows:
NEC 8339 - ElB Aircraft System Organizational Maintenance Technician: Performs Organizational Level Maintenance on aircraft systems.
NEC 6606 - AN/APN-153(v) Doppler Radar Navigation Intermediate Maintenance Technician: Repairs modular components parts, antenna, and control box down to the component level. Troubleshoots, diagnoses, identifies failed components using electronic test equipment and schematic drawings and remove and replace failed parts and align entire system to make ready for use.
NEC 6685 - A6A/B/C/E/KA6D Aircraft Electronic Warfare (ECM/CNI) Organizational Maintenance Technician.
NEC 8331 - A6 Aircraft System Organizational Maintenance Technician: Performs organizational level maintenance on aircraft systems.
NEC 9527 - 2M Repair Technician: Repairs printed circuit boards, performs conformal coating identification, removal, and replacement; removal and replacement of multi-lead integrated circuits, preparation and installation of eyelets, laminate and conductor repair and replacement, proper connection of wires to terminal and connector cups, and other related repairs in accordance with NAVSEAINST 4790.17 and NAVAIRINST 4790.7. Uses a miniature repair kit containing special purpose soldering, de-soldering and grinding equipment and associated materials including those operations, which require microscopic viewing.
NEC 1588 - Electronics Standards Specialists and, Microwave Communications Systems Calibration Technician: Accomplishes Intermediate Level (FECL, FCL and selected FCA, phases) calibration of electronic test equipment used in production and maintenance of naval weapons systems, command and control and data processing systems within tolerances prescribed by cognizant Systems Commands and project managers. Repaired electrical/electronic test equipment in the process of, or incident to, calibration.
NEC 9502 - Navy Instructor: Lectures in counseling, methods and techniques of instruction, training aids, lesson planning, test construction, evaluation of students.

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Charles Turner
Name: Charles Turner
Location: South Mills,North Carolina,United States
Job Title: Aviation Electronics/Electrition Mechanic

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