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About Wayne Blair

Wayne Blair is currently living in Jenison , Michigan, working as an Owner & Auctioneer Storage Auctioneers in "Blair Auction & Apprail LLC" and is interested in Retail.
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Owner & Auctioneer Storage Auctioneers


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Jenison , Michigan

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Blair Auction & Appraisal LLC is located in 20 States. We specialize in storage unit Auctions ( like Storage Wars ).
This is a good place to buy items for resale, don't believe everything you see on Storage Wars. Being in 20 States gives myself and the other auctioneers the opportunity to network with people in many locations. If we weren't selling these units we would be buying them. We don't bid on the units we sell.

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Wayne Blair
Name: Wayne Blair
Location: Jenison,Michigan,United States
Job Title: Owner & Auctioneer Storage Auctioneers
Company: Blair Auction & Apprail LLC

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Wayne Blair
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