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Morgan Johnson
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About Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson is currently living in Dallas, Texas, working as a Product Manager in "Xwarediscountstores" and is interested in Electronics, For Sale, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Wholesale, Work from Home.
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Product Manager


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Dallas, Texas

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Electronics, For Sale, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Wholesale, Work from Home

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I'm the General Editor for! I have a background in Affiliate Marketing, Web development, Website Design, product promotions and sales. I am also a music buff. I am the President and C.E.O. of Entertainment-X music recordings and productions. I cultivate and manage new and upcoming Rap and Hip-hop artist. I know that this is an about me section to give you guys a bio, but I don't know what to say!@#$*&^%$#? I'm a good guy to say the least! I like the color blue, love Burger King and have a Pitt-Bull named Rock that's my BFF! I don't do a lot of Blogging, Facebooking, or Twittering or stuff like that but I hear that those are the places to be for some of the best internet marketing or if you just want to do some hooking-up!!!!Haha.. (Nelson from the Simpsons) So maybe you will catch me there with a profile or something like that.., who knows! But for now it's all about info! With the way the economy is today..., we all should be more independent minded when it comes to income and finances and with our blog you'll find some great information to help you stay ahead of the curve! Please continue blogging and we hope that you find something you like. Thanks for the visit! This has been a social message from the GM of XwareDiscountStores Morgan Johnson. Thanks for Blogging by....!

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Morgan Johnson
Name: Morgan Johnson
Location: Dallas,Texas,United States
Job Title: Product Manager
Company: Xwarediscountstores

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Morgan Johnson
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