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About Franco Cavaliere

Franco Cavaliere is currently living in Brampton, Ontario, working as a Personal Trainer and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Personal Trainer


Brampton, Ontario

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Health & Beauty

My Interests

Weight training, cardio, fitness classes, yoga, healthy living!

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Franco Cavaliere has joined on Oct 29, 2012

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I became interested in Fitness at a young age. I was never much into sport unless we consider the various pick up games I played with my friends growing up. I was bullied in High School for being overweight and since my parents were not much into health or fitness I was left to my own devices to research and obtain information into how to train and achieve results. In the span of two years I got my weight down and I became healthy, fit and strong. A lot of my friends took notice and asked me for advice; we would go to the gym together and I would train them “pro-bono.” We can say that this was when I developed an interest in personal training as a profession. I finally got around to devoting my time to obtaining a PTS certification with CanFitPro.

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Franco Cavaliere
Name: Franco Cavaliere
Location: Brampton,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Personal Trainer

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Franco Cavaliere
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