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James Crook is currently living in Longueuil, Quebec, working as an Owner in "Sbi ventures LLC" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Longueuil, Quebec

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Health & Beauty

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Im intersted in music, I play the drums, and am a percussionist. I love psychology, and am into theology. Jesus Christ is my all time interest. I like cooking. I like medieval culture. I like meditation, and relaxation, and non chemical ways of altering consciousness like harmless NLP.

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james crook has joined on Oct 25, 2012

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Im a described as above intelligent man, and had a psychologist tell me that I was practically a genius for how I managed to take a case of OCD that I had since I was 9 and turn it into remission 29 years later after it burned itself into my brain. I have some college, but a nice self teaching educational experience in psychology. I'm now an entrepreneur. In Jesus Christ (yes I'm a Christian (ordained reverend)), I spent my time training and dealing with my OCD to put it into remission, without the help of a psychologist, or psychiatrist as they couldn't diagnose it to save their lives, nor treat it properly. Now that I thoroughly know plenty of psychology, and have my disorder in remission, without the need for medication, I want to help others with OCD. I can honestly say, psychologists are over trained to deal with OCD, and if they are freudian psychoanalysts treating it, they wont accomplish much. Psychologists want to make money, and will always have you return, like doctors do. Be your own therapist. Its the only way to be free from them.

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james crook
Name: James Crook
Location: Longueuil,Quebec,Canada
Job Title: Owner
Company: sbi ventures LLC

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james crook
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