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Ron Goudreault is currently living in Ontario, and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Hi there,
How are you?
Personal issues I really take to heart have affected many lives, destroying trillions of cells across this planet involving many different species. I am healing a condition called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy which the majority of medical specialists believe has no cure. That among millions of other degenerative diseases can be cured contrary to what we were made believe by an industry merely treating conditions with instant gratification drugs loaded with harmful side effects benefiting only them, to prescribe even more.
My son labelled at age six with ADHD was medicated for too long. I woke up seven years late due to his aggressive suicidal behavior that has now lead me to researches on clarification for natural cures of the body mind soul experience specifically through healthy food, water, exercise and meditation. I've found since then an alarming increase in numbers pointing to our failing medical system.
In a rejuvenated aspiration for life, my mission is to build a health educative website where millions of people can learn and share truth with their love ones to awaken a preventative community in awareness of healing testimonies for the benefit of all. Associated with World Class Masters in the natural wellbeing industry, my goal is to inspire and introduce people to top health natural longevity discoveries from across the globe.
In times of inquisition, United We Stand...Divided We Fall. I encourage you into influencing others to share this information with friends and family to create a viral effect of healing across the world. The educative videos and research I've included on the sides have awakened a desire in me to know the truth about what worked in ancient civilizations. By keeping an open mind to learning, discussing and sharing insights with others that could save their lives, enlightenment will irrevocably come back your way in abundance. You'll be able to do so at the bottom of each page and post.
YOU CAN BE, all that your heart desires. YOU CAN BE somebody's hero.
My dream always is...being my son's hero as he is mine. Let's do it together!
Your support is much appreciated.
We are honored by your interest.
Thanks for visiting.

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Ron Goudreault
Name: Ron Goudreault
Location: Ontario,Canada

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Ron Goudreault
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