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Wendiann Author is currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working as a in "Self Published Author" and is interested in Art, For Sale, Gifts / Accessories, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Media, Other, Print Media, Retail.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Art, For Sale, Gifts / Accessories, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Media, Other, Print Media, Retail

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Wendiann Author has joined on Oct 20, 2012

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I discovered my writing ability 3 years ago and to be honest, i'd never written more than a grocery list. Raised in a small town, I pretty much worked in the blue collar sector for most of my life.

I just self published two projects:
'The Sit N Do Nothing Hamster Series'-Why a hamster? We all have a hamster. Published Sept 2012-Each of the seven individual workbooks, laced with humor, target different audiences. They make the reader the Star by asking questions about their; experiences, opinions, thoughts, memories, habits, and dreams. It could be a self-check or perhaps something to complete with-family, friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors etc. Young or old we all reflect. (What 3 character traits are you most proud of? Who was your first kiss from? If you could re-connect with 1 friend who would that be, and why?)

In today’s world, texts and emails are the new way to communicate. (Can you really share all you are in a text?) We are an accumulation of every moment from birth until now. We all learn, grow, work, foible, love, hurt, care, give, succeed, fail...etc. And we definitely do some bonehead things at times. By sharing all we are we might not miss out on the most important thing in life: Who we are and those around us!

My first fiction novel 'And When' is also on the shelves at McNally Robinson as well as on Amazon Kindle.

There are two words that touch every individual; illness and death. Illness forces a person to physically change, watching someone wither, can shake their very soul.

When life’s harshest realities come simultaneously, everything Jade Prency ever believed, changes. Lost in emotional turmoil, feeling separate and alone, Jade withdraws from the world.

From the safety of her home, the internet becomes her new best friend. For many, websites and chat-rooms offer a place to hide behind a keyboard and reach for understanding. 'One in five relationships start online’… and for every success there are ten stories never to be repeated, they just don’t boast about that in the ads.

Online, where real becomes make-believe and make-believe becomes all too real. 'And When' is the journey of one woman struggling with both worlds.

I invite you to visit my website and preview my books.

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Wendiann Author
Name: Wendiann Author
Location: Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
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Company: Self Published Author

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