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Colleen Annable is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, working as a Psychic-Medium in "Colleen Annable's Consulting Services" and is interested in Entertainment.
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Toronto, Ontario

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Greetings and a warm welcome to all!

I believe that everything happens for a reason, it is not by chance or coincidence that you are here, therefore it was meant to be.

I believe that each one of us is on a unique journey or path. My journey as a psychic-medium began over 40 years ago when I was just a child of four when my mother realized that I was able to see, hear, and feel spirits around me. At the age eight I began reading Tarot cards, as a teenager I began using Psychometry (the ability to obtain information about a person or event simply by holding or touching an object such as a piece of jewelry or keys). Today I use a combination of cartomancy (card reading), clairvoyance and psychometry when I read for a client.

All readings are given in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost respect to the client(s) and spirit(s) whom I serve.

*(Please note: Tarot Card and Psychometry Readings are only available in person.)

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Colleen Annable
Name: Colleen Annable
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Psychic-Medium
Company: Colleen Annable's Consulting Services

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Colleen Annable
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