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Monique Porter is currently living in British Columbia, and is interested in Work from Home.
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British Columbia

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I Asked Myself:
How Do I Make The Future Safer For My Kids?
And I Found An Answer. This is my story.
I am just a regular stay-home Mom. I am concerned with the gradual deterioration of the environment. But I didn't get how I was supposed to make a difference. What can a stay-home Mommy do about it anyway? The answer for me had a few extra nice side effects.
I learned how I can get eco-friendly products and make my own contribution to the environment while saving a bundle of money doing it. Lucky for me I had the patience to pay attention.
And by sharing what I discovered, I am making a second income on the side:
And absolutely NO SELLING!

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Monique Porter
Name: Monique Porter
Location: British Columbia,Canada

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Monique Porter
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