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Doug Grant is currently living in Kitchener, Ontario, working as a Financial Counsellor and Mentor in "Doug Grant, Financial Counselling and Mentoring" and is interested in Services.
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Kitchener, Ontario

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Doug Grant holds three degrees in mathematics, including a Ph. D. from McMaster. From 1971 until 2010, he was a faculty member and administrator at Cape Breton University in Sydney, NS. While most of his early research was in abstract mathematics, he became interested in financial mathematics in the mid-1990\'s, and wrote a book entitled \"The Mathematics of Personal Finance\" which is still used as a textbook at CBU. In addition, he had voluntarily opted out of the university\'s pension plan to manage his own retirement planning.

The combination of managing his own finances without an advisor and writing the book caused him to focus his attention on the disproportionately high cost to small investors in Canada of managing their resources. As retirement from the academic world drew near, he became more interested in making practical application of what he had learned. After a move to Kitchener in 2010, he has completed the courses required for the Certified Financial Planner designation, and has opened his own business in that area. He is especially interested in drawing on his extensive teaching experience to assist investors who would prefer to take greater responsibility for managing their own investments, but may require some counselling and mentoring to make the transition.

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Doug Grant
Name: Doug Grant
Location: Kitchener,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Financial Counsellor and Mentor
Company: Doug Grant, Financial Counselling and Mentoring

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Doug Grant
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