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Ip Genius is currently living in Mississauga, Ontario, works in "IPGenius Inc." and is interested in Internet / IT.
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Mississauga, Ontario

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Internet / IT

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Active Directory Migration, Security Audit & Remediation, Network Build & Migration, Exchange Build & Migration, VMware Build & Server Consolidation

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IP Genius has joined on Oct 03, 2012

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IPGenius is a Cisco certification training and professional services company based in Toronto.

We specialize in Network Training with major focus on Cisco Certifications. Our base benchmark for any instructor at IPGenius is CCIE Certified Instructor. You will always find creme de la creme of the industry teaching at IPGenius.

At IPGenius, we understand the importance of networks devices form the heart of company\'s network and are the basis for connectivity, data transfer and other day to day operations. These expensive network assets, if not implemented properly can turn to liability in no time.

IPGenius has dedicated team of Cisco Certified engineers (CCIE) who have immense knowledge and field experience in the corporate networking world pertaining to Cisco technologies. We at IPGenius, can assess and evaluate your network environment and also give you a detailed technical report employing the ultra modern investigative tools for the job. Our Unbiased and vendor neutral opinion backed by years of experience in the field can prove vital in any decision taking process for your organization.

Professional services offered by IPGenius:

LAN/WAN Network and VOIP Network
Security audit and Remediation
Microsoft and VMware

Our project team works with you from start till end and helps you in every possible way, right from acquiring the network devices till they are fully deployed and functional.

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IP Genius
Name: IP Genius
Location: Mississauga,Ontario,Canada
Company: IPGenius Inc.

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IP Genius
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