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Canada Mat is currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, working as a Canada Mat Sales / Marketing in "Canada Mat" and is interested in Consulting, For Sale, For the Home, Health & Beauty, Manufacturing, Marketing, Office Equipment, Other, Products, Resources, Services.
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Canada Mat Sales / Marketing


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Edmonton, Alberta

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Consulting, For Sale, For the Home, Health & Beauty, Manufacturing, Marketing, Office Equipment, Other, Products, Resources, Services

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Waterhog Entrance Mats, Anti Fatigue Mats, Grizzly FX Entrance Mats, Anti Fatigue Kneelers, Quality Matting solutions, Quotes

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Canada Mat has joined on Oct 02, 2012

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At Canada Mat, we pride ourselves on our continued outstanding service to our biggest client and to the smallest of orders.

Our objective is to provide quality products and superior service, from a simple supply of 1 or 2 mats to the total management of large buildings

Soil is everywhere. It is a part of the earth we live on and managing it is a vital part of our everyday existence. Even the least sophisticated commercial facility requires some type of soil management program. At the heart of soil management is the concept of prevention - preventing contaminants from entering a building. 85% of all soil enters a building on the feet of the occupants. Entrance mats stop and contain soil and water, and it is obvious that removing soil from the mat is much less expensive than removing it from the building. The entrance is the first line of defense against dirt.

Stop soil and water at the door

Most, if not all mats claim to do this. The most effective mats provide a combination of scraping and wiping to stop the maximum amount of contaminants.

Store soil and water for removal

The most effective entrance mats are designed to provide a place for soil and water to go to for storage. The ideal mat is designed for maximum storage and ease of dirt removal when cleaned. It is important that the mat contain the contaminants so that water cannot spread to the surrounding floor creating a slip/fall hazard. For example, mats with flat or no borders allow water to seep off the edges, damaging he floor and forming hazards. High performance mats feature a raised dam that will hold the water back from the floor, and also provide a means to keep the water and dirt from reattaching to one’s shoes.

★Customer satisfaction is #1 at Canada Mat!★

By choosing Canada Mat you choose to:

-Improve Floor Safety

-Increase Productivity By Providing Comfort

-Reduce Injuries

-Direct Traffic

-Protect Your Flooring

-Sustain Cleanliness

-Reduce Liability

-Lower Cleaning Costs

-Promote a Healthy Workplace

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Canada Mat
Name: Canada Mat
Location: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Job Title: Canada Mat Sales / Marketing
Company: Canada Mat

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Canada Mat
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