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About Sherry Mccourt

Sherry Mccourt is currently living in Ontario, working as a CEO / President in "Career Concepts" and is interested in Education.
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Career Concepts seeks to empower individuals and corporations to thrive and grow through courage, leadership, vision and teamwork. Sherry McCourt, the dynamic and passionate leader of Career Concepts is an effective communicator who has the expertise to bring authentic solutions to her audiences and clientele worldwide.

Sherry has vast professional experience that encourages credibility in the business world. Previously as an executive vice president Sherry strategically built and led a multimillion dollar company with more than 160 employees to be a very profitable success. Years of experience as a certified fraud examiner and private investigator have honed her natural abilities to successfully read body language and to quickly connect and communicate with an audience.

The success of Career Concepts now extends to an international audience and includes the span from entrepreneurs to professional trainers. Providing exceptional service must be the mission of any business seeking to survive in a global economy. Sherry McCourt is committed to that mission by providing the knowledge in a way that is fun, useful and easy to integrate in a daily routine.

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Sherry  McCourt
Name: Sherry McCourt
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: CEO / President
Company: Career Concepts

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Sherry McCourt
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