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Philip Travis is currently living in Ontario, working as a Marketing in "Copypastechash" and is interested in Marketing.
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writing, renewable energy systems, new cures for cancer (as there are lots ) music, learning new marketing skills, nature, meeting new people and learning from them, food, and many more.

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Philip Travis has joined on Sep 24, 2012

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Well I have been busy these past 17 years working in almost every industry trying to find the one that is right for me. I have tried the Hotels, Restaurants, Sales, Ski industry, I have done the band thing a few times, and I have written a book and working on part two. The problem I have found with most of the above jobs was that there was a lot of people who were just doing the job to get by and there for really not that much for to work with. They would complain a lot, say they would do things then they would not, which then I had to do it with a customer or guest watching me, and there were many others. Now I understand all of this, but I have not found a place where people are helpful and the job is a learning experience as well. It is an on line marketing business and they teach you and you make money. Not lots mind you, the will come with experience. Anyway I look forward to meeting new people and helping anyone anyway I can. :)

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Philip Travis
Name: Philip Travis
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Marketing
Company: copypastechash

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Philip Travis
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