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Ossy Cassie
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About Ossy Cassie

Ossy Cassie is currently living in Whitby, Ontario, working as a Wealthy Affiliates in "Home Business Ventures" and is interested in Work from Home.
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Wealthy Affiliates


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Whitby, Ontario

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Work from Home

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What made me join WA of wealthy Affiliates was the fact that I know nothing of building a website and what draws traffic and how to be successful. I believe that my prayers were answered when I stumbled across this website and I registered for free. I can truly say I learnt so much and was able to launch my website and also gave the tools to publish my first article all for FREE!

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Ossy Cassie has joined on Sep 14, 2012

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Network Marketeer.
Writes short articles that have been published
Achieving my goals both financial and personal.

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Ossy Cassie
Name: Ossy Cassie
Location: Whitby,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Wealthy Affiliates
Company: Home Business Ventures

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Ossy Cassie
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