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Bert Fontaine is currently living in Ontario, working as a Gold Ambassador / Distributor in "Shaklee" and is interested in Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz.
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Gold Ambassador / Distributor


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Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz

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Earning a reasonable income while working at home so I can enjoy the outdoors and my family, friends and neighbours company. Having quality time with my grandchildren and pets. It's rewarding offering Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Home & Healthy Beauty Products. Shaklee Productst not only provide a healthier, happy and longer life but also contribute to a healthier environment. Shaklee was the 1st company certified "Climate Neutral". ALL products are 100% money back guaranteed.

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Bert Fontaine has joined on Sep 13, 2012

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I joined Shaklee Canada as a Gold Ambassador / Distributor on Jan 31, 2012.

I was retired and was surviving on a fixed income, getting bored and basically not enthralled with my life. So, I decided to find a way to change that.

I’ have a little dog called Bandit who has been my companion for 14 years. He does not like to be left at home by himself, so I didn’t feel comfortable taking an outside job. Besides that I wanted to work from home.

Early in January while leafing through the local newspaper I discovered an ad that said “PATHWAY TO FREEDOM - work from home, simple online system, All training provided, Free information, no obligation. Contact the website below. Well that was the beginning of my new life.

I watched the movie, contacted my upline and it was as easy as pie.

My mentor, Carole (or upline as she is called) is a great lady, teacher and I consider her a good friend even though I have never met her personally (Canada is just too far to cross). I can call or email her any time and she’s always right there to help.

Although I haven’t been with the company for very long, it has enhanced my outlook on life and my own personal health.

I feel and look healthier than I did 20 years ago. I feel more vitalized and happier and have extra income as a bonus.My doctor confirms that in several areas there has been a marked improvement in my overall health.

This is the reason:

As part of my “Introduction Pack” I received a months’ supply of Cinch Vanilla Shake, several Cinch bars and a potpourri of other products and promotional materials. I scanned through the 2012 Catalog, called the help line often for extra information. By the way, the Help Line is just like Carole – very accommodating and knowledgeable and helpful. The websites provided are very slick and the elves very knowledgeable also.

With using the Cinch shake, I lost 28 pounds in 7 weeks, have kept it off and continue with a shake every morning because I love this stuff. Around the same time, I started using the “Vitalizer Vitamins & Minerals” and “Vivix” mostly to see what they would do for me and provide more insight into the products


I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. I told my son that if I had known I would have ever felt this young again, I would have never sold my hobby farm.

Shortly after joining Shaklee, I started replacing my household cleaning products which were irritating my eyes and nose anyways with only Shaklees’ H2 concentrated cleaner, which lasts forever and doesn’t smell up the house. The big bonus was that it was a lot more economical to buy and freed up a lot of extra cupboard space. The fact is I can clean almost anything with H2 which replaced at least twelve to fifteen other types of cleaners which in my mind were harmful to me, my pets and the environment. Bonus: H2 is non-toxic, natural, biodegradable and super concentrated.

I also use the unscented laundry dryer sheets and they are wonderful too.

Nutriferon and VitalMag are also great products. Of course there are many other products and categories to roam through on this site but I only wanted to talk about the ones I have had personal experience with.

During my fulltime career I have worked for a lot of companies in several industries some of which were Automotive, Manufacturing for Aviation, Electronics & Pharmaceutical BUT NONE have given the satisfaction of not only helping myself, my friends, my customers but also the environment. The rest were just were jobs.

My only regret is that I didn’t start this many, many years ago.

I am so proud to work for The First Company in the World to be Certified Climate Neutral.

I really believe in the saying “it’s about making a better living while living better”.

Do yourself and everyone you are involved with a favor and try Shaklee

I just have to say That I am a true believer because of the positive results.

THANK YOU SHAKLEE for what you have done for me

p.s. If you want to try something new and rewarding, click on the link below and watch the short movie.

If, after the movie you think you want to do this too, fill in the submission form and send it. Our team will lead you down The Pathway to Freedom too.

Business opportunity site:

Shaklee Products and more:

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Bert Fontaine
Name: Bert Fontaine
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Gold Ambassador / Distributor
Company: Shaklee

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Bert Fontaine
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