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About Kevin f. Montague

Kevin F. Montague is currently living in Sherman Oaks, California, working as an Owner in "KFFMenterprises" and is interested in Communications, Consulting, Education, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Products, Real Estate, Specialty Retail, Work from Home.
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Sherman Oaks, California

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Communications, Consulting, Education, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Products, Real Estate, Specialty Retail, Work from Home

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I suffer a disability: However, I am here to bring you wonderful new products through reliable outlets to meet your needs, interests and desires. I also love to compose and write music. Check me out at my CDbaby artist page at the following URL location: I'm keeping my hand in the music these days when time permits and the marketing demand is present. I just finished and release a new orchestrated score titled AIRWOLF RETURNS - The Motion Picture (Original Score). I use a formal orchestrated approach using the format of the London Philharmonic Orchestra with the new score. Here a free sample at this URL:

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Kevin F. Montague has joined on Aug 18, 2012

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I am 60 years old with an extensive background of experiences. I attended mostly Catholic schools growing up, about four different grade schools. I attended Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks, California, which was a college prep school and graduated cum laude, with a high grade point average. I also qualified as a California State scholar and chose to go to Loyola University of Los Angeles to gain my degrees, both in the Communication Arts and technical sciences, as well as a degree in music. My background, since I was a boy, can be best summed up as a student of all the arts and sciences. These days I'm an experience private artisan and scientist.

I've recently released a new ebook I've spent the past 15 years working on that reveals new cutting edge science and insights behind chronic disease: Not limited to CFS, Fibromyalgia and cancer. This is new scientific insight revealing a master key approach to all chronic disease issues of the organic body. The title of the book is THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE.

After graduation, I took on numerous jobs while trying to get established in the entertainment business. Eventually that lead to me working for engineers doing technical writing and illustration work, which in turn lead to doing engineering consulting work. I eventually started my own consulting business, under the name of Opal Star Industries and Opal Star Publications. I lost my health to bad sausage I bought from a local Vons Supermarket, which I ate at age 37. The complications advanced into cancer after many years. I was left for dead by my western doctors and did die at age 44, experiencing the second full death encounter I have had in my life. I came back to finish the work I am currently doing to help the sick and dying through my first new book. After a long battle, I overcame the disease process in my body, while identifying how it works through a new book I have being offered on my website. These days I’m blasting emails to the world to bring it to my website and buy my new book, among many other original products I’m offering online that can not be found anywhere else. Recently, I've teamed up with Dr. Rick Santee who has written a new ebook as well titled PROSTATE RELIEF NOW! Learn more about his new book using this URL to my website:

The next book I hope to work on is the one that tells my 20 years battle, which made the first book possible. The title of the second book will be WHEN MY DOCTOR TOLD ME. I also intend to reveal more the incredible science I unmasked through it all. Learn more about me at my YouTube channel; TheAstroboy9 channel.

These days I am back operating under the new business name of KFFMenterprises at My new website has been up and running for three years now. I will be uploading new products from time to time in the time ahead, but so far I have plenty to keep me busy that are already uploaded.

I am currently offering an affiliate program for three of the original ebooks being offered from my website location tied into I'm a turn key operation these days. If you wish to make immediate commissions from my new ebooks, just contact me at and tell me you wan to become an affiliate marketer. All I'll need is your email address to tie you into the system. I don't need your personal information. You'll be sent what you need from Payhip to tie into my system.

These days, I am more a scientist in all my training and experience and have been a student of all the sciences since I was a boy. I have released my first incredible new book titled THE MASTER'S KEY TO UNLOCKING AND MASTERING CHRONIC DISEASE, which is cutting edge science on the issue of chronic disease. It reveals knowledge and connections that are unprecedented on the Earth right now. Anyone who suffers with CFS and Fibromyalgia will learn how the disease process is created in the body through the new ebooks, as I present it in the book through documented case studies. The reader will also learn how to reverse the process in their own body. This book will open the doorway into the light sciences for humankind.

I have been fully dead twice at age 25 and 44. I did not have to come back, but did so to complete the path I am on right now to help the sick and dying. My appearance on the Earth will be to inspire the younger generation to all that is possible through my work, before God does take me and move me on. If things had gone differently, I would have my formal doctorate degree in the health sciences or be a medical doctor by now. I have the knowledge and experience, but got it through another pathway I was put through as part of my life’s journey on the Earth. You can hear more of my story by visiting my website at:

I am here to help you with your needs and desires and will be offering many great original products you can buy through me only right now, which you can count on and rely on to help you with your life’s journey.

Thanks for taking time to get acquainted.

Kevin F. Montague
Author, Scholar, Artisan & scientist

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Kevin F. Montague
Name: Kevin F. Montague
Location: Sherman Oaks,California,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: KFFMenterprises

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