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About Naz Kawsar

Naz Kawsar is currently living in Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, working as a Principal in "OneTouch Automation Inc." and is interested in Contracting/Trades.
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Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

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Reading, Movies, Fishing, Hiking, Swimming

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Naz Kawsar has joined on Jul 18, 2012


Excellence in quality and support

Summary of Qualifications
X Diploma in Engineering, Architecture & Civil Engineering Technology
X Trained in AV System design, engineering, DSP and Control System programming
X Communicate well with the clients, consultants, trades, technicians and designers.

14 years in the professional filed in design, engineering, and control system programming with management experience.

Professional Certification
X InfoComm Academy design school Certification on Applied AV Design, Fairfax, VA 22030
X Crestron Certified Master Programmer, New Jersey 07647, 2004, 2008
X AMX Certified Programmer, Richardson, TX 75082 - 2008
X Certified from Extron on Systems Design Anaheim, CA 92805 - 2002
X CTS certified, Fairfax, VA 22030 - 2007
X CEDIA certification, Indianapolis IN 46268 - 2010
X Certified in Project Management from ICIA, InfoComm Academy, Fairfax, VA 22030 - 2005
Successfully completed the following professional trainings from InfoComm Academy Fairfax, VA
X S80: Assembling an Audiovisual Project Team
X S75: How to Increase Profit Margins without Increasing Sales
X ST3: Project Management-The Human side of Audiovisual Project Management
X ST3: Project Management-Improving Quality and Efficiency in AV Project Flow
X ST3: Project Management-Initiation to Closeout: An Overview of Project Mgm. Principle
X ST3: Project Management-General Contractors Perspective
X S12: Encoding, Authoring and Serving Streaming Media
X S15: Annual Maintenance Procedures
X Lutron on-line training course on lighting design & programming. Lutron QS shading design and programming practical experience
X DSP programming using Biamp, ClearOne, Polycom SoundStructure products
Quality Assurance
Completed Quality Assurance in Projects from Sheridan College in 2007, Grade V A+

Computer skills
X Project Management & Scheduling: Microsoft Project, Excel, PMTools
X Control System Programming: Crestron, AMX, SIMPL+, Visual Basic, Java
X Operating System: Windows X, NT 4.0, UNIX (CLIX)
X Commonly used application expertise: MS Word, Excel, Power Point
X CADD application: AutoCAD, Visio

Professional Accomplishments
X Successfully involved in design, programming and management phase of various types of projects from initiation to closeout
X Specialized, appealing and user-friendly Touch Panel design with instaHelp.
X Created re-usable unique user interface for different types of Touch Panels.
X Designed custom Project management database software using MS Access.

List of few successfully managed corporate & educational projects
X College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, 4 boardrooms, 2012
X KPMG, 333 Bay-Adelaide Centre, corporate conference rooms, 2010- $3.25million (PM)
X CISCO, Toronto, designed by Los Angeles AV firms Cloud Systems, 2007- $500K(PM)
X Sheridan College V Smart classrooms 2006-300K, 2007-$525K (design)
X Seneca College- Smart classrooms 2005-1.3million, 2006 V $750K (design)
X Ryerson University- Smart classrooms 2006-350K, 2006- $1.70million (design)
X Mount Sinai Hospital V AV systems 2005-1.0mil, 2006-150K, 2007-$525K (design / program)
X University of Ontario-Oshawa V66 Smart classrooms 2004-$1.25million (design/program)
X Ernst & Yong-4 hi-tech classroom with 12 auto-room combinations and video conferencing (programming) -2003
X TD Bank corporate training centre, Creekside-10 Electronic classrooms with Tandberg video conferencing. (programming) -2002
X U of T-Simcoe hall system & Council Chamber-200 seat conference hall consisting of 8 Gentners, 8 cameras, Altinex Multi-tasker, room combining, conference & live broadcast facilities.-2001

List of few successfully programmed residential projects
X 20,000 sq. ft residential complex with 17 Two way Touch panels, 100+ CresNet devices
X $10mil home, $340K home automation system design, PM and programming -2011

Work Experience
Principal, OneTouch Automation Inc.
X Sales, System design, engineering, management and programming
X Develop new business ideas and work through the process to bring ideas into life.

Sr. Manager, System Design & Engineering, Brack Electronics, Toronto, ON
X Manage system design, engineering, install and programming team to ensure successful project completion.
X Project planning, resource allocation and scheduling, tracking of the project progress.
X Report updates to the client, Sales managers and keep the project under budget within timeline.
X Arrange customers training on completed projects, deliver Project Manual consisting of Project documentation, drawings, Owners manual, Service and maintenance info.
X DSP programming for Heenan Blaikie and other projects.

Project Manager, AVW TELAV, Toronto, ON
X Review Project Design and engineering with consultant, department engineers, account managers, purchasing and coordinate to ensure necessary drawings, documentation is updated and distributed in lieu with the consultants design and installation requirements.
X Execute project as per design and maintain liaison with client, G.C., Consultant, Architect, Interior Designer & other trades.
X Supervise progress and update related parties, review system design with change order, supervise programming work and review with consultant and clients.
X Project planning, resource allocation, scheduling, tracking of the project milestone, ordering products based on schedule, modify system design as per change order.

Manager, System Design, Engineering and Project Management- Advanced Presentation Products, Mississauga, ON
X Design corporate, educational and multi-purpose theatre style classroom audiovisual systems
X Project planning, resource allocation and installation scheduling, tracking of the project progress, report updates to the client, account managers and keep the project under budget within timeline. Milestone project: Ryerson University, 66 classrooms, Seneca College - 77 classrooms, Sheridan College V 200 classrooms.
X Review the project design as project progress, correct if there are any errors and implement the approved design, maintain efficient installation process, ensure proper programming of GUI, follow 25 point project completion checklist to commission the project.
X Analyze estimated project completion time and actual completion time to increase efficiency and maintain profitability.
X Provide customer training on completed projects, supply Quick User Guide and hand-over the Project Binder equipped with documentation, drawings, manufacturers manual, Post-install service and maintenance info, Warranty info and Contact info.
X Sending project initiation & completion Thank you letter to clients, getting project sign off & Completion Receipt from the client.
X Developed and maintained MS Access Database PMTools to monitor the project management progress from Order Entry to Project Completion. Unique database to monitor project progress.

Manager, Systems Design, Integration & Crestron Programming V Nationwide Audio Visual Co., Mississauga, ON
X Audiovisual system design and engineering. Milestone project: University of Ontario Institute of Technology V UOIT, 66 classrooms, University of Toronto-11 classrooms- design, engineering, project management and programming.
X Maintain liaison with clients, G.C., Consultant, Architect, Interior Designer, and Electrical Engineers.
X Coordinate with the clients, contractors, sub contractors and other trades to facilitate smooth progress of the project. Coordinate pre-install site visit with account manager, assist with Survey.
X Regularly update the clients, sales team, and relevant parties on the project mile stone to ensure successful completion.
X Programming Corporate and Educational Crestron System, AV design and programming, commissioning, troubleshooting & service.

System Designer & Crestron Programmer, FirstVision Audiovisual, Toronto, ON
X Audiovisual system design and engineering. Milestone project: Brock University AV System design, OPG HQ system design
X Programming corporate executive boardrooms using Crestron control systems
X Programming lighting, HVAC controls using Crestron control systems.
X Commission project upon completion
X Completed average 68 high profile corporate boardrooms/meeting rooms per year.
X Writing user Modules, Macros and Quick User Guide for Crestron control system program.

Design Engineer, Fibre Optics & GIS systems, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Govt. of Kuwait
X Work on the Fibre Optics & GIS systems design.
X Work on the specialized Govt. projects, HT & LT projects, digitizing projects.

Quick Profile Summary

Naz Kawsar
Name: Naz Kawsar
Location: Greater Toronto Area,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Principal
Company: OneTouch Automation Inc.

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Naz Kawsar
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