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Harbhajan Ghinger
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About Harbhajan Ghinger

Harbhajan Ghinger is currently living in Toronto, Ontario, working as an Electronic Shop For All Major Brands in "TV Repair Centre" and is interested in Electronics.
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Electronic Shop For All Major Brands


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Toronto, Ontario

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TV Repair Centre proud on their experienced TV technicians constantly focused on customer satisfaction. Experienced TV Technicians team is always ready to solve all TV repair problems.

TV Repair Centre has been in the repair Service for over 20 years. One-stop shop for repairing television sets of all top brand names. Our TV technicians constantly improving & extending their knowledge with the rapid change in technology. This company specializes in repairing all of the Major electronic devices with a commitment to provide best of services in town.

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Harbhajan Ghinger
Name: Harbhajan Ghinger
Location: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Electronic Shop For All Major Brands
Company: TV Repair Centre

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Harbhajan Ghinger
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