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Melody Aitken is currently living in Ontario, working as a Life Coach in "Its Life Do" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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It was in 2010, returned from a Doctor\'s visit, my son and I had a conversation.
How was the Doctors?
Did they figure out how to help
No baby, they didn\'t
Are they going to figure it out?
I don\'t know
Didn\'t they go to school for this?
Yes they did, but sometimes they just don\'t know
Can\'t we figure it out?
If they can\'t, cant we try to figure it out and get you better
Yes we can
Ok, lets do that


and off he walked to watch a movie with his younger sister. It was so simple to
a child. Why not make it simple again, this conversation changed my attitude,
my perception, and how I handle what is handed to

I was a single mother of two children, 30
years old, and living with Fibromyalgia that had consumed my life in every
aspect. I was diagnosed in 2006, had tried everything that the Doctors had
suggested, and nothing would touch the pain. If it had not been for my son, and
later my daughter I would still be surviving instead of living. Through changes
in my life, I saw an increase, and then a decrease in pain, until I started
waking up daily without pain....I had forgotten and rejoiced in it. In November
of 2010 I had my final flare up (the ones where a breeze makes you scream in
agony), and since have lived pain and drug free. I enjoy my life, my children,
and live to the fullest. I still have to be aware of my body, and still stop
myself from pushing it too far....but I do not restrict myself, or say no when
someone asks me to attend a function. I no longer allow Fibromyalgia to define
who I am, instead I allow myself to define what Fibromyalgia will be to

My path has led me to helping others who are currently
affected by Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain, this includes the individuals who
are part of the support system. I assist in the support of finding a path that
works for you, with an encouraging, truthful, and non judgement coaching style.

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Melody Aitken
Name: Melody Aitken
Location: Ontario,Canada
Job Title: Life Coach
Company: Its Life Do

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Melody Aitken
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