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Steve Hawk is currently living in Pawling, New York, works in "No Hype Marketing" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home.
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Pawling, New York

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Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home

My Interests

Network Marketing Success Coach. I specialize in blogging, brand awareness and online lead generation.

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Steve Hawk has joined on May 14, 2012

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Theres nothing better than living a home based business lifestyle. Network marketing offers financial rewards and personal freedom that is hard to find in any other industry. Butunfortunately the failure rate is between 95-97%. Most people do not make more than a few bucks online, they get discouraged, and then quit. Sound familiar? It really does not have to be this way

If you have the drive and desire to make real money with your home based business and truly achieve network marketing successyou really can reach the top 3-5% of our industry. It does not take a lot to separate yourself from the majority of your competitionI am not kidding and Ill show you how!

Please feel free to Partner with Me and well both get rich together or contact me directly first when youre ready to take the next step in your business. I will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in anyway I can. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to work together very soon.
My Story

I like to think Im a pretty normal guy. I grew up in Stamford, CT and now live in Pawling, NY, about 80 miles north of NYC. I enjoy having fun and like the good things in life. I also have a blast running my network marketing business and helping others to succeed online. PLUS, the time freedom is awesome!

I graduated from the University of Scranton in 1986 and have spent the past 24 years (mantime flies!!) in sales and marketing. I spent many of those years commuting 2 hours to NYC for workand 2 hours back homeYES, thats 4 hours commuting time every day! Was I nuts? Maybebut things were going well. But I still hated not seeing my kids, who were little at the time. I wanted to work closer to home so I could participate more in their lives.

So I took a job as a mortgage broker near my home. My hours were much better, I was able to coach my kids sports teams, play more golf, and I actually made more money than I did while working in NYC! Until about the middle of 2007, that is, when the real estate market started to turn. By 2009 I literally wasnt making anything and I needed to do something else! I was searching the internet and somehowI dont remember specifically what caught my eyeI found network marketing. I never did the traditional belly-to-belly, bug your family & friends network marketing but, rather, I dove headfirst into learning and trying to build my business on the internet.

At first, I was like the majority of online network marketers. I had the same issues as everyone else that you always hear about I jumped from program to program, blaming the program for my lack of successI had no idea how to build a listI didnt know what a blog wasI didnt know what an auto-responder wasor a lead capture page or replicated website. This was like a new language but I was determined! My business was scattered and I wasnt sure if I could really generate a substantial income online. But

I had to make it work! I didnt have many options. My mortgage business was completely dead and I had no income coming in! What came next was a period of much intensive soul searching and personal development. I knew I had to become stronger so that I could change my life regardless of my fears and obstacles. I realized that the only person responsible for my success is me and when I stepped up and took that responsibility, then my life started to change dramatically.
Partner With a Mentor

I was fortunate enough to partner up with some truly phenomenal mentors in this industry, whom I sought out. What I learned was an absolute revelation and contradiction to everything I had ever known about the Home-Based Business industry. Since then I have applied the principles of attraction marketing to my own business, stepped up to be the leader I am and shared this knowledge with whoever has been keen to learn from me regardless of the company they are with.
My Mission

My mission is to help empower as many leaders as possible in ALL NETWORK MARKETING COMPANIES so that they can prosper and build their businesses in a way that is attractive, fun, profitable, and deeply satisfying. Giving someone the skills that they need to dominate their company and FINALLY break through to the success that theyre looking for is one of my greatest passions in life.
My Commitment To You

I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the Personal and Financial Success and Freedom that you desire in your network marketing business.

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Steve Hawk
Name: Steve Hawk
Location: Pawling,New York,United States
Company: No Hype Marketing

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