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Julie Bak is currently living in Aubrey, Texas, working as an Independent Distributor in "Organo Gold" and is interested in Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Retail, Specialty Retail, Wholesale, Work from Home.
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Independent Distributor


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Aubrey, Texas

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Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Products, Retail, Specialty Retail, Wholesale, Work from Home

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The Golden opportunity is finally available. . .. . ..

How many people do you know drink coffee, latte, mocha, green tea, or hot chocolate every day or even multiple cups a day? How many people do you know can\'t even be approached until they drink their cup of coffee, latte or mocha?

I am a distributor for Organo Gold which sells the healthiest Organic Coffee available on the market. Organo Gold is only a three year old company and is expanding at a rapid rate. What makes this coffee so marketable is only the strongest healthiest herb on earth known as Ganoderma.

Did you know there are 500 Million, yes 500 Million cups of coffee consumed in the United States every day. How about for every $700.00 in coffee that is purchased results in $150,000.00 in profit. Coffee is one of the three recession proof industries in the world, which was said by Warren Buffet. Coffee is also the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water, which is what you need to make coffee.

This is real. There is a booming industry and I want you to be a part of it, if YOU want to be a part of it.

I am part of one of the fastest growing organizations with in Organo Gold. Right now within my organization, we have the most top earners within our organization than any other organization in Organo Gold, and they want to help you along with everyone else in the organization succeed and achieve financial wealth.

So why should I this organization, well the support you will receive is the best in the business. We do not want you to fail nor will we let you. We will train you and mold you to succeed in this business. Our top earners will always be available to answer your phone calls when you need them

Why this team? Again you will be supported by our organization (Team 1) along with the company(team 2) therefore you will be receiving support from all angles to succeed. We have the winning formula to push you into the six to seven figure range. You will have access to talk with and be coached by some of the top earners with in the company who have over 15 years of experience.

So take that risk you have been willing to take, you will never know until you try and remember every day is a position in equity which is lost within the company so act fast. Please contact me for more information. Distributor packages start at $199 which include over $255 worth of product, however if you put the effort, we will not let you down and you will succeed.
I am not going to make any false income claims, but within our organization people have gone from middle class to wealthy within the year. So give it a shot, it might just the opportunity you were searching for.

Once again, contact me and provide me your contact information.

Just remember as Organo Gold says, \"Its easy, Its simple, Its Coffee\" and it truly is. Thanks for looking.

I will personally mentor and help you succeed with in this business and also provide you to speak with other mentors who have had success. I will teach you how to have people approach you, therefore no cold calling, have the leads come to you and join your home based business. I will explain to you the benefits of having a successful home based business.

Contact me and provide me with your contact information, for this opportunity to join a winning organization with in Organo Gold.

Just contact me if you want to take charge of your life.


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Julie Bak
Name: Julie Bak
Location: Aubrey,Texas,United States
Job Title: Independent Distributor
Company: Organo Gold

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