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About Carole Allison

Carole Allison is currently living in New Jersey, working as an Independant Consultant in "Arbonne International" and is interested in Chemicals, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Health & Beauty.
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Job Title

Independant Consultant



New Jersey

Categories of Interest

Chemicals, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Health & Beauty

My Interests

I want people to be more aware of what they are putting into and on their bodies. They need to know that a popular artificial sweetner is one chemical process away from becoming DDT. A chlorinated organic insecticide. The use of DDT was banned in the United States in 1973, although it is still in use in some other parts of the world. This is just one of the bits of information I have compiled from 1 or more sources. Please use this info. to help other people to make better choices in the food they put in their bodies. You may not even want to know what bar soap is made from and what the ingedients on the package mean to you and your family. Call me now to arrange for a health and wellness consultation with me. (856)371-6515

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Carole Allison has joined on Aug 30, 2007

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Carole Allison
Name: Carole Allison
Location: New Jersey,United States
Job Title: Independant Consultant
Company: Arbonne International

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Carole Allison
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