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John & Teresa Seeley
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About John & teresa Seeley

John & Teresa Seeley is currently living in Tyler, Texas, works in "IGO Globalone" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home.
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Tyler, Texas

Categories of Interest

Advertising & Media, Affiliate Program, Health & Beauty, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Work from Home

My Interests

We love anything that keeps us alive some of our hobbies include but not limited too. Our Kids, Sky Diving, Fly Fishing, Wake Boarding, Camping, Traveling the world, helping people change there prospective on life, helping people think outside the box, challenging others to challenge themselves. Bringing People Together For A Cause, Join Us As We Change Our World, One Person at a Time!

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John & Teresa Seeley has joined on May 11, 2012

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iGO-GlobalOne - GlobalOne Companies is a worldwide leader in wealth support services, social business center development, global consumer product development and humanitarian outreach.


GlobalOne Companies is committed to expanding its core affiliate and partner business centers while being socially responsible in delivering humanitarian outreach, green technology and ecologically renewable products. Our Mission Is to Build Passive Incomes for all those who Join us!

Company Overview

iGO-GlobalOne, GlobalOne Companies is an innovative company that will be giving back to the community and allowing everyone to earn 100% commissions within days of joining using CEO Scott Evan's Patent Pending "Spinfinity" Social Profit Pool, that will spin out profit sharring to members every 3 Calendar days per month. This won't only allow those to earn on their position but also on everyone that they've introduced to Global One.

GlobalOne Companies produces and distributes proprietary wealth management and financial research materials, consumer products and services and humanitarian deliverables.

Hello Our Names are John & Teresa. This is NOT a Corporate Page, only our personal team page to represent our Affiliation solely as Founder's of Global One Ultimate Power Profits. We strive to help as many people reach their true potential
as possible. We're originally from MI, and Now live in Tyler, Tx with our two awesome kids, Alexis and Austin.

We have been online marketing for about 9 years and have spent many years learning how to better help our team succeed, and we gladly share what we know with fellow marketers on our team and within our Facebook Group. we are very approachable, so please don't hesitate to send us a message hello, or ask any questions that you may have in regards to online marketing.

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Some of Our Products We will be launching over the next couple of months.

Elements Of Wealth
iGO Globalone Travel "Travel Smarter"
iGO Shopping Mall "Shop Smarter"

So Much More will be rolled out over the course of the next 6 months stay tuned.

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Quick Profile Summary

John & Teresa Seeley
Name: John & Teresa Seeley
Location: Tyler,Texas,United States
Company: iGO Globalone

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