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David Darrow is currently living in Chandler, Arizona, working as a Local Offline Search & Adwords Consultant/Copywriter in "Dave Darrow & Associates" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Local Offline Search & Adwords Consultant/Copywriter


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Chandler, Arizona

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Advertising & Media

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Why Use Me? My years of working face-to-face with people throughout the spectrum of economic groups in a customer service or relations capacity has provided me with insights about human nature and behavior that are uncommon among copywriters in the advertising establishment. I've visited with them in their homes and places of business and employment. I've seen how they live and work. I've listened to their successes and disappointments, and learned about their hopes and fears. I've had them in the back of my Taxi Cab. People tell Taxi drivers things they won't tell their spouse or preacher, much less their banker or lawyer. It's a heck of a way to make a living, but there's no better experience for understanding the nature of the human condition.

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David Darrow has joined on Mar 27, 2012

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To improve marketing results and broaden customer bases for small offline businesses by combining my proven talent as a writer with new technology and knowledge that maximizes how the search engines find and rank adwords ads and websites, to improve conversion rates and increase ROI.
* Wrote a long form Direct Mail package for the final assignment in The Accelerated Program For 6-Figure Copywriting from American Writers� and Artists� Institute, Inc. that the reviewer described as: �One of the best I've read.�

* I�ve written a number of spec pieces for small businesses and non-profits in different industries that were embraced by the proprietors.

* Prepared a child custody lawsuit that Judge David Talamante of The Maricopa County Superior Court described as the clearest, most well written, and understandable that he had ever read. Said he wished that the lawyers appearing before him would deliver cases written half as well.

* Wrote a business plan for a start-up private investigation service that was well received by reviewers.

* Successfully negotiated a long term commercial real estate lease under very unusual circumstances.

* As a Taxi Driver, I consistently cleared 15% more calls than any other driver with the company.

* Restored 3 defunct printing presses and one badly abused folding machine to efficient production.

* 20 years in print production, from newspapers to limited edition fine art prints, from quick printing to high-end multi-color, multi-pass work, has imbued me with an excellent grasp of graphics, formatting, and copy elements that provides exceptional intuition into what works and what doesn�t.

* Working with the public as a Taxi and Courier driver immersed me into a broad cross-section of �Consumers�, and businesses that consume. This exposure provided me with deep insight into what people in different economic groups hope for and dream about� And what they fear most. This allows me to easily identify how to connect with any particular group of prospects.

* My 20 years of involvement in a very unusual family for-profit business, along with the transition of that business into a non-profit; and acting as landlord to that business for the last 12 years provide a solid understanding of the challenges faced by small business, as well as the ability to ferret out hidden risks� And hidden value.

Employment History:
08/30/2007 � 06/06/2012 Calypso Couriers, Inc. Tempe, AZ Independent Contract Driver.
* Provided on-time delivery of high-value parcels to businesses and individuals across the Phoenix Metro Area. Involved managing constantly changing routing, traffic, and weather conditions
09/30/2006 � 06/13/2007 Crown Press, Inc. Phoenix, AZ Small press and Bindery operator.
02/09/2005 � 09/25/2006 B&D Litho, Inc. Phoenix, AZ Letterpress/Numbering Machine/Small Sheet-Fed Offset/Folder Operator.
* Restored to maximum production efficiency a defunct Ryobi 500N offset press.

* Produced folder production rates thought impossible by management.

02/18/2002 � 01/26/2003 Sunshine Taxi Grand Junction, CO Independent Contract Driver.
* Consistently cleared 15% more calls than any other driver with the company.
Prior to 2002 most of my time was spent in printing production jobs, from the time I was hired as a temp at The Jackson Hole Guide in 1979. Altogether it amounts to 20 years. Details and print portfolio available on request.
I�m largely self-educated. I participated in a one year experiment in experiential education using the State of Maine as a classroom. The program, called Maine Reach, which ended a year later, in 1978, was provided by The Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, ME.
As the program ended, I took the State of Maine GED exam and passed it handily. This allowed me to graduate High School a year ahead of schedule so that I could head west to pursue my dream of being a skiing instructor. I was sidelined by a back injury.
I completed the NXTLevel program for writing a business plan and starting a small business, made available by The Western Colorado Business Corp. in 2002.
I�ve completed all of the self-directed exercises in both The Accelerated Program for 6-Figure copywriting and The Master�s Program for 6-Figure Copywriting from American Writers� and Artists� Institute. I�ve devoted some 2000 hours to the study and practice of Direct Response and the art of persuasion beyond the materials available from AWAI. I attended the 2009 AWAI Fastrack to Success Boot camp held in Del Ray Beach, FL.
Testing conducted in 2002 (confirming earlier testing) by The Colorado Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation found that my English language skills fall in the top 10% of the population. The same testing revealed an exceedingly high ability for rational analysis and spatial reasoning.
These attributes combined with the skills and secrets of effective marketing that I�ve taught myself form a formidable weapon for companies who understand the power of a message aimed at boosting their sales and developing lasting relationships with their customers.
References and Portfolio available upon request.

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David Darrow
Name: David Darrow
Location: Chandler,Arizona,United States
Job Title: Local Offline Search & Adwords Consultant/Copywriter
Company: Dave Darrow & Associates

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