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Cynthia Mcmanus is currently living in Willis, Texas, working as a Ministry in "Darrell McManus Ministries" and is interested in Retail.
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Willis, Texas

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The last few years I have seen the miraculous. During the
services, God has given people new hearts, new ear drums, and blood
transfusions. People have also been healed of paralysis, cancer, sugar diabetes,
deafness, blindness, as well as growths and tumors of all types completely
disappearing. The lame have walked and those with demons have been set free.
People have been supernaturally frozen in the Spirit, as a sign of the power of
God. It was never in an embarrassing way; in fact, no one else knew what
happened until they came to the front on their own, accepted Christ, and
testified to what had happened. One of these men was a drug lord, and thought it
was all fake until God froze him in the service.

The Lord has
now spoken to me to go to the nations full time. I like Paul am coming to you to
release the revelation that God has given me with a demonstration of the Spirit
and power.

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Cynthia McManus
Name: Cynthia McManus
Location: Willis,Texas,United States
Job Title: Ministry
Company: Darrell McManus Ministries

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Cynthia McManus
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