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Liane Pinel is currently living in Airdrie, Alberta, working as an Artist/President in "Forever Keepsakes Ltd." and is interested in Art, For the Home, Products, Retail, Specialty Retail, Wholesale.
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Airdrie, Alberta

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Art, For the Home, Products, Retail, Specialty Retail, Wholesale

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Actively seeking competent advisory committee members with spots for small business legal, IT Legal, accounting and marketing. Seeking those needing a great idea for fundraising for their next gathering! Currently seeking interested individuals for commission sales positions(share options available) Also looking for local artists that enjoy working with kids to donate occasional free time to be a part of the "fun"draisers team work with the kids to create their masterpieces! Venture Capital potential in the near future. We just want to get a little bigger before we launch the next phase.

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Liane Pinel has joined on Feb 23, 2012


Forever Keepsakes Ltd. was created by Airdrie, Alberta mom, artist and
photographer Liane Kaye-Pinel. While working to merge her art and her home life and make both of them successful she stumbled upon the idea with the help of her family and friends. She has a strong history of retail sales, sales training, management, buying and customer service to add knowledge to the foundation of this strong and quickly building company.

Much time, money and passion went into the research and development of product and product ideas over the past year and a half when she first licensed a large group of her art pieces for mass production in North America. After her 6 year old daughter created the first sample art piece, and together they placed it on a simple ceramic coffee mug to fabulous feedback, the company was incorporated to allow it to grow to reach and help more people, more organizations and most of all, more kids!

Our goal is to grow the company, first across Alberta and then across Canada, utilizing the love of children and art, to both promote art to children and families and to help organizations and schools to raise funds for much needed and under funded programs and/or research.

Forever Keepsakes Ltd. is giving back to the community that helped us reach our first goals and is walking beside us as we strive to reach the next one, and the next! Together we can make a difference! One mug at a time! Creating a Forever Keepsake that can, not only be used, but treasured!

If your organization believes that we would make a good fit at your next fundraiser please message us. There are many different ways to make it work with your vision.

We can simply drop off the completed packages(like the one you currently have in your hand) and if anyone chooses to follow through with their art and makes a purchase then
30% of the total sales before taxes is issued to the organization/charity/school etc of choice after all product has been delivered.

OR you may choose to utilize the talents of Liane and her team of Fundraisers to come to your gathering armed with crayons and supplies to help teach and create with you! FREE OF CHARGE! Airdrie or Calgary only for now please! Call if you are one of the surrounding areas...if it's not too far and there is enough need then we can make it work!(minimum group of 15 please! No maximum except fire code!) They will make sure that the art forms are filled in correctly, answer any questions or concerns, collect orders and hand out receipts. Then they will create the products chosen and mail or deliver to each client the product of their choice within 4-6 weeks.

Your organizations cheque will be either mailed or hand delivered to you or your Charity of choice when all products have been completed. That's it! You worry about nothing and it costs you nothing but FUN! Nothing to lose and everything to gain! (A photo of the issued cheque surrounded by a collage of the art images that made it possible can be mailed to you for framing if you request it!)

Ask us what Forever Keepsakes Ltd. can do for YOU!

Thank you for your business! Liane and the Fundraisers team!

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Liane Pinel
Name: Liane Pinel
Location: Airdrie,Alberta,Canada
Job Title: Artist/President
Company: Forever Keepsakes Ltd.

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