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Aaron Ozee is currently living in Illinois, working as an Aaron Ozee-C.E.O and Founder of Digispec Magazine in "Digispec Magazine" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Electronics, Media.
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Aaron Ozee-C.E.O and Founder of Digispec Magazine


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Advertising & Media, Electronics, Media

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My name is Aaron Ozee, C.E.O and Founder of Digispec Magazine. When I created this magazine I had one goal, to provide everyone of the planet with useful information about technology. I wanted to formulate a magazine that would revolutionize the way we all see modern technology. Letting us see if each item that is released is actually worth spending all your money on or whether the items that are released are as interesting as the companies make them out to be. We don\'t cut the public short of their essential needs for useful information; we give the public every bit of what they deserve. My goal as C.E.O and Founder of Digispec Magazine is to give the public what they need and to never stop. For we as Digispec Magazine allow the public to as well see what technological items that we are currently reviewing and go ahead and write their own reviews over any item that choose and submit them to use through either or website or through Facebook. Their reviews will then be carefully looked over by our editor and be determined to whether it is worthy for publication. We give the opportunity to the public to let their voice be heard by millions of interested individuals from around the entire world. We don\'t want the public to just read our magazine, but to be a part of it! Visit our website at or search \"Digispec Magazine\" on

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Aaron Ozee
Name: Aaron Ozee
Location: Illinois,United States
Job Title: Aaron Ozee-C.E.O and Founder of Digispec Magazine
Company: Digispec Magazine

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Aaron Ozee
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