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Don Carey is currently living in Ohio, working as an Owner in "Whole Leaf Tobacco" and is interested in Food, Bev, Tobacco.
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Food, Bev, Tobacco

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My company (Whole Leaf Tobacco Company) is a distributor of the finest quality Whole Leaf Tobacco to small cigar manufactures. Tobacco is typically only available in large quantities which makes it difficult for new and small companies to acquire quality raw materials.

Whole Leaf Tobacco Company also specializes in rare and heirloom tobacco varieties available nowhere else in the world which can give a boutique cigar shop a truly unique product. We work with teams of tobacco growers across the United States to produce Super Premium tobacco leaf.

Whole leaf tobacco is not a tobacco product because the leaf has not had the mid-rib (main stem) removed. Whole leaf tobacco is considered an agricultural crop and is not subject to any Federal taxation.

We specialize in selling quantities from one pound to 100 lbs, but larger quantities are available. We are currently researching logistic feasibility of making whole leaf tobacco available on a retail basis directed at the \"roll your own\" cigar and cigarette market.

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Don Carey
Name: Don Carey
Location: Ohio,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Whole Leaf Tobacco

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