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About Shirley Jacobsen

Shirley Jacobsen is currently living in clever, Missouri, working as an Owner in "Scholarship Sources in USA" and is interested in Education.
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clever, Missouri

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Affiliate marketing, fundraising for scholarships, research internet marketing

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shirley jacobsen has joined on Jan 04, 2012

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Resume: Shirley M Jacobsen

Professional Experience: Global Education Director (online)
World Information Distributed University 2005-current

International Speaker/Chairperson 1999-2005
International Biographical Centre and
American Biographical Institute

International Speaker 11/11/2002
World Order of Science, Education, Culture

Business Entrepreneur/Owner 1974-2002
Real Estate Renovations and Sales

Business Administrator/Office 1962-1992

Professional Travel: International/national tours/seminars 1994-2005
Israel 1994
Portugal 1999
Washington DC 2000
Cambridge England 2001
Iceland 2001
Madrid Spain 2002
Dublin Ireland 2004
Honolulu Hawaii 2005

Business Travel: Buying, renovating, selling real estate 1974-2002

Omaha Nebraska Corpus Christi Texas
Chandler Texas Lacombe Louisianna

Education Disciplines: Grand Doctor of Philosophy WIDU 10/02/03
Full Professor WIDU 10/02/03
Doctor of Philosophy WIDU 10/17/00

Bachelor of Career Arts SAGU 12/10/93
Business Administration

Resume: Shirley M Jacobsen

Accolades: Grand Dame of the World Order of Science Education and Culture 09/10/03
Dame of the World Order of Science Education and Culture 11/11/02
Scholar/Legend of the 20th and 21st Century 1999-2005
Great Minds of the 21st Century
Life Achievement Award in Business
Numerous degrees, certifications, diplomas in various disciplines
Science, humanities, sociology, poetry, language, music and others

Publications: Royal Book of Society 2002-2009
Marquis Whos Who 1994-1998
International Biographical Centre Publications 1999-2005
American Biographical Institute Publications 1999-2005

Offices: Secretary General United Cultural Convention 2004-2005
Deputy Director General for the Americas IBA 1999
Deputy Governor American Biographical Institute Research Assoc 1999

Member: London Diplomatic Academy 2000-2002
Clinton Presidential Library 2000
Jagruthi Kiran Foundation 07/09/04

Note: I completed my Bachelors Degree by setting my own hourly schedule at home with strict guidelines for study forums, and exam preparations. I had 35 hours of experiential learning credit which included being a sales manager and sales representative where I sold various programs by telephone. I was a verification manager which required me to monitor the reps in the verification department to make sure they were polite to the customer and followed business guidelines and etiquette. Many of the trips I made overseas, I coordinated my itinerary myself, which took a considerable amount of planning and scheduling. Shirley Jacobsen
Re: Looking for businesses to partner with me to fund scholarships, looking to promote products as an affiliate, doing research on business opportunities online.

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shirley jacobsen
Name: Shirley Jacobsen
Location: clever,Missouri,United States
Job Title: owner
Company: Scholarship Sources in USA

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shirley jacobsen
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