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About Kayla Scott

Kayla Scott is currently living in Yuma, Colorado, working as a Wellness educator in "Mommies r us " and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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wellness educator



yuma, Colorado

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Advertising & Media

My Interests

i love to work from home and take care of my family. im very interestied in pursuing my dreams of making a great carrer of this buisness.

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kayla scott has joined on Jan 04, 2012

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my name is kayla scott i have worked at dollar general of yuma co,i have worked at mustains grocery,subway, and 2 nursing homes. let me tell you i love working from home and having more time with my family.i really could\'nt ask for more. when i found this program i thought to myself over and over that this is a skam but it\'s not im making a carrer out of this. and i hope that when you read this you will be inspired to do this too.

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kayla scott
Name: Kayla Scott
Location: yuma,Colorado,United States
Job Title: wellness educator
Company: mommies r us

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