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Sylvia Hawkins
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About Sylvia Hawkins

Sylvia Hawkins is currently living in Jacksonville, Florida, working as a Remote Virtual Recruiter in "Remote Contractor Job Placement Services " and is interested in Specialty Retail, Telecommunications.
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Remote Virtual Recruiter


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Jacksonville, Florida

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Specialty Retail, Telecommunications

My Interests

Being a lifelong learner I am interested in learning as much as I can about adult education, success in life, the plight of Baby Boomers who are not financially prepared for our present and future economy.

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Sylvia Hawkins has joined on Dec 31, 2011

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My Bio:
Currently I am a full-time student at University of Phoenix studying for my Master\'s degree in Adult Education/Adult Training. I am an active member of the source of wealth, Inc and the fundraising consultant of Loving Hearts of America, Inc. I am also a Remote Virtual Recruiter (agent id code rcjpssylvia) at RCJPS. I also volunteer my work from home consulting services to Baby Boomers who are tired of being scammed and broke.

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Sylvia Hawkins
Name: Sylvia Hawkins
Location: Jacksonville,Florida,United States
Job Title: Remote Virtual Recruiter
Company: Remote Contractor Job Placement Services

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Sylvia Hawkins
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