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About Gus Kilthau

Gus Kilthau is currently living in Houston, Texas, working as an Owner in "Rednecks Kitchen" and is interested in Advertising & Media, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Manufacturing, Products.
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Houston, Texas

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Advertising & Media, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Manufacturing, Products

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Marketing, particularly of new products

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Gus Kilthau has joined on Dec 30, 2011

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One of those Texas barbecue nuts! Chief cook and bottle washer around here. Developer of new and marketable foods and food kits. (Looking for a suitable packager-marketer right now). Article writer with another profile at Hubpages. (Come for a visit to my profile there . Happy to work with folks (free) in producing interesting articles...) Right now I have a nice new product on my hands. If you know of a company or an individual capable of packaging and marketing some great new snack kits, I\'d appreciate hearing about (or from) them. I am now just flat too old to even think about putting my own company around this fine new product line. Way too much pushing and shoving for an old Redneck like me!

Happy times ahead in 2012, folks - Gus :-)))

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Gus Kilthau
Name: Gus Kilthau
Location: Houston,Texas,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Rednecks Kitchen

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