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Laura Burrell is currently living in Woodside, New York, working as a Discount Food Trucks in "Custom Food Trucks and Carts " and is interested in For Sale.
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Discount Food Trucks


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Woodside, New York

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I am a Mobile Food Consultant thats gets individuals and restaurants mobile with Food Trucks or Carts without breaking their banks within 90 days. This assistance also includes working with their health department in getting the truck approved. Laura Burrell - Mobile Food Consultant 267-738-1656 - Call for our portfolio of trucks.

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Laura Burrell has joined on Dec 28, 2011

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Laura Burrell
Name: Laura Burrell
Location: Woodside,New York,United States
Job Title: Discount Food Trucks
Company: Custom Food Trucks and Carts

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Laura Burrell
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