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About Tommie Turner

Tommie Turner is currently living in clintwood, Virginia, working as an Antiques,photography,welding,carpentry,remodelin homes and landscaping in "AMBER STARS DREAM" and is interested in Art, Contracting/Trades, Fashion, For Sale, Home Based Biz, Retail, Services, Specialty Retail, Utilities, Wholesale.
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antiques,photography,welding,carpentry,remodelin homes and landscaping


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clintwood, Virginia

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Art, Contracting/Trades, Fashion, For Sale, Home Based Biz, Retail, Services, Specialty Retail, Utilities, Wholesale

My Interests

spending time with our son and letting him know never to take one second for granted. we take mountain walks in spring for morrell mushrooms , fish and work with our hands thats what we enjoy.. we need to learn more patience and how to get business from this internet $ is bad where we live...(S.W. Virginia) which i think is highest unemploy rate in the U.S. we dont wanna get rich just work and survive send our son to school so he dosent have to worry about ( can i pay the bill this month) kids r hungry in the elem schools here n do w/o food on weekends. we just wanna make enough $ to pay our bills eat and give some to needy people

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tommie turner has joined on Dec 28, 2011

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Together we have over 22 yrs of being in the work force and were just not happy with the way things were done , poor work, prices too high and over charging! we specilize in these areas and have portfolios and many references! We can also do many things from tree cutting area trimming , landscaping . welding residential electrical work , plumbing and small engine repair . we have 5 yrs collage between us and work as a will not have to call someone to fix a mess we make as ive been called to do for poeople ,we wont leave till u r satisfied as long as u have good material. everything is drew up in contracts and we can all sit down n agree upon what is what b-4 it becomes legal..this is if your in our distance range but if u pay our way we will travel somewhat , we have a 5 yr old son so u can understand... we usually send u pics of the antiques and we guarantee it to get there in one piece because they r professionally packed with trackin #s but thats in the cost ....REM.......heavy items are not cheep we will do almost anything from house washing,gutter cleaning to painting. e-mail us for pics if u r serious... Thank you oh my wife will locally dog walk and ive been into personal training 9 yrs we have pics of everything. our references want us to know the clients a little b-4 giving #s out so we at least have to talk first...sorry but this day n time i wouldnt give mine but i have to just to get work

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tommie turner
Name: Tommie Turner
Location: clintwood,Virginia,United States
Job Title: antiques,photography,welding,carpentry,remodelin homes and landscaping

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tommie turner
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