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David Martan is currently living in Texas, working as a Viper 600SR in "Viper Technologies" and is interested in Entertainment.
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Viper 600SR


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I believe we are selling the Best Gaming Chair/ Racing Simulator ever designed!!!!

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David Martan has joined on Dec 28, 2011

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The Viper 600SR is the best gaming chair ever made! Why? It is all in the features.

Sure, any gaming chair can give you a place to sit and game, some even give you sound. Though most have a hard seating surface and \"value\" speakers that never last!

Viper Technologies has spent more than 2 years researching what you really want! You want Extreme Comfort and Great Sound that you can FEEL! Yep, that is all you really want. But we give you more!

This gaming chair stands out from the rest because it is not just for racing! The steering wheel mount is designed to be a great place to rest your battle hardened hands during an extreme fragging session! Prop your feet up on the pedal mount and relax...if you can! No matter if you are racing in an intense league race or liberating your USMC team.

You will always be reminded of what you are sitting in with every gunshot and wall scraping drift!

We strategically placed four (4) vibration units in the lower and upper seat cushions that will deliver a truly 3-dimensional experience!
The great looks, lightweight design and intense experience make the 600Sr a Must Have for your gaming collection!

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David Martan
Name: David Martan
Location: Texas,United States
Job Title: Viper 600SR
Company: Viper Technologies

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David Martan
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