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Pattie Elias
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About Pattie Elias

Pattie Elias is currently living in Lake Forest, California, working as a Global Information Network in "Code: 1509058 to join" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Global Information Network


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Lake Forest, California

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Advertising & Media

My Interests

I am constantly interested in reviewing new and mind expanding materials, that enhance my thinking and my life in a positive way. I also write music, songs, I am a singer, I paint, draw, I'm a hairstylist, I also act. I am always searching for information that will help me to change for the better.

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Pattie Elias has joined on Dec 27, 2011

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Pattie Elias

I \'m newly employed as a online Network Marketer.

Experience: Two Years

Skills: Great at communicating with
people, excellent people skills.

Work: Persistent, and hard worker, don\'t stop
until I accomplish what I set out to do. Great
sales skills, when I believe in a product,
and when you believe in your product and
your company or job, its easy to encourage
others to join or buy, remember it\'s
a numbers game. You will win the game.

I have in the last three months, found,
honest online businesses that do exactly what
they say.

Four companies I trust.

Global Information Network:
to join 1509058


TextCash Network:

RamCage: One stop marketing:

Reference: Ron Davis 1-619-723-1317
Dr. Chris Clark 1-619-475-6417
Rosario Vasque 1-949-289-8145

Thank you for your time.
Pattie Elias

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Pattie Elias
Name: Pattie Elias
Location: Lake Forest,California,United States
Job Title: Global Information Network
Company: Code: 1509058 to join

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