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Matt Obrien is currently living in Dallas, Texas, working as a Director of Business Development in "Century Document Imaging" and is interested in Advertising & Media.
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Director of Business Development


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Dallas, Texas

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Advertising & Media

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Century provides services in many verticals, however our flagship product is FormsFullCircle an Enrollment Platform for Lifeline/Connect America (USAC) and the Federal Department of Labor\'s (Alabama) State Unemployment System.

FormsFullCircle\'s presence is most significantly felt in the FCC\'s Lifeline program - which provides discounted and free phone service for low income Americans. Our FFC Enrollment Platforms allows ETC\'s to easily manage their subscriber enrollments through a single portal from any channel - including Street Teams, Web Orders, Fax Back, Return Mail, Email, SMS/TXT Message, Kiosk, iPad or Android Tablet.

With integrated Eligibility Verification, Duplicate Checking, Address Validation and B/OSS Order capabilities (including BeQuick, H2O and Home-Grown Systems), FFC allows for full compliance with both USAC and State Utilities Commission requirements.

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Matt OBrien
Name: Matt OBrien
Location: Dallas,Texas,United States
Job Title: Director of Business Development
Company: Century Document Imaging

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