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Gary Walters is currently living in Cape Coral, Florida, working as a President in "Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida" and is interested in Consulting.
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Cape Coral, Florida

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I am Founder of Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida.

I am very happily married to my best friend and soul-mate, Virginia (Red) Walters. I am a very loyal husband and dedicated father. I believe in God, my Family, and my Country. I have been studying Angelology and Demonology for many years. I am a Demonic Possession Profiler and an Official Affiliate of the Paranormal Clergy. I am a descendant of Native American bloodlines. I am Lakota Blackfoot, part of the Great Sioux Nation. I currently live in Cape Coral, Florida.

I am one of the most laid back and down to earth people you will every meet. I also don\'t get spooked very easily. That is how the nickname (ICE) first came about in the mid 80\'s while I was serving my country. I proudly served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 1992. I was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC. My Military Occupational Specialties included nuclear, chemical, and high explosive ordnance and munitions systems on AV-8B Harriers.

I have always been interested in the paranormal and will search for the facts in any endeavor I pursue. I am the type of person who believes in the truth and getting (the whole story) before making any decisions or jumping to conclusions.

Oddly enough, the reason I got involved in the paranormal field is because of a telephone call from my Mother. Several years ago, My wife Red wanted to join a paranormal team. Being the supportive husband I am, I told her to \"go for it.\" As I was giggling, I said \"I\'ll stay home with the kids while you go hunt ghosties.\"

Neither one of us had told my Mom that Red was joining a paranormal research team. A couple of days passed and I received an \"out of the blue\" phone call from my Mother. She said, \"I had a dream, and I don\'t know who Red is hanging out with, or what she is doing, or who she is involved with, but you (Gary) need to be there to protect her.\" WOW...did that hit home!

I have been by her side ever since.

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Gary Walters
Name: Gary Walters
Location: Cape Coral,Florida,United States
Job Title: President
Company: Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida

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Gary Walters
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