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Steve Hula
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About Steve Hula

Steve Hula is currently living in Clarksville, Arkansas, working as a Steve Hula - Independent Ambit Energy Consultant in "Ambit Energy Provider" and is interested in Contracting/Trades, Energy, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Other, Services, Utilities, Work from Home.
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Steve Hula - Independent Ambit Energy Consultant


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Clarksville, Arkansas

Categories of Interest

Contracting/Trades, Energy, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Other, Services, Utilities, Work from Home

My Interests

I am interested in helping people who want to save some money, or eliminate their energy bills. Homes, apartment complexes, businesses, and helping new consultants get into a business that will change their financial future in ways they have never dreamed!

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Steve Hula has joined on Dec 18, 2011

Company Size



Company Growth:
Four-year (2006 - 2010) revenue growth: 25,888%
Four-year (2006 - 2010) employee growth: 1,373%
Four-year (2006 - 2010) customer growth: 12,431%

Did you know that I can give you the exact same electricity and natural gas you are currently using, for less money? 1 million customers strong and growing! Free travel just for trying Ambit Energy! Accumulate Travel points just for paying your bill every month! Best of all, Free Energy Option Available!

Ambit Energy service is currently available in TX, IL, CA, MD, NY, NJ, MD, MA and Washington DC. with new market expansions underway!

Now is the time to begin building a residual income, income paid to you every time a customer pays their energy bill.

Getting in NOW is the key to success!

P/T or F/T Home based business - Work your own Hours & earn accordingly
Extensive training provided for self motivated, passionate people who want to go places!

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Steve Hula
Name: Steve Hula
Location: Clarksville,Arkansas,United States
Job Title: Steve Hula - Independent Ambit Energy Consultant
Company: Ambit Energy Provider

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Steve Hula
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