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Mark Lumpkins is currently living in Colorado, working as a National Director in "Momentis by Just Energy" and is interested in Energy.
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I have been a successful business owner, entrepreneur and success coach for close to two decades now in Real Estate Investing, Hospitality, E-Commerce and Residental Contracting. In order to earn a six-figure income in any industry I have always found a mentor, coach or trainer that shortened my learning curve to success.
Now I am dedicated to assist and educate executive level individuals how to thrive in this business, through the next decade, and beyond.

It\'s no news to anyone, the state of current financial affairs, domestic and internationally. We are in historic times. These changes will, and continue to occur, without you and me.

Our partnership with one of the largest energy companies in North America encompasses a vision for individuals to grow a business regardless of current economic times, with tools and resources to thrive in the coming years, and to actually create a legacy for their families.

Momentis Energy is a $3 Billion publicly traded company with 3.8 million customers throughout North America. As a proven leader in the industry, our market share continues to expand. We welcome trainable professionals that can step into leadership roles quickly.

Unlike any corporate environment, our TEAM succeeds together, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND
Go Getter? Call Me Now 719-623-7724 or shoot me an email for a confidential interview.

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Mark Lumpkins
Name: Mark Lumpkins
Location: Colorado,United States
Job Title: National Director
Company: Momentis by Just Energy

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Mark Lumpkins
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