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About Shelley Crosser

Shelley Crosser is an Owner and works at the company Class A Cleaning.
Shelley Crosser is located in Cedarfalls ia , Iowa and is interested in Other.
Class A Cleaning
Cedarfalls ia , Iowa
Love the outdoors, people person , like the country
Nov 12, 2011
Shelley Crosser
3121 University Drive CedarFalls IA 50613 cell.... 319-241-0153
Apt # H-1

OBJECTIVE : To Better my ability in working world !


Microsoft Office
Data Entry
10 key
General Office
Customer Service

Class-A Cleaning Service Owner 11/2008- Present
Clean homes and businesses
Also have references up request .

System Unlimited Williamsburg, IA 09/2006-10/2008
Professional Home Health Service Cedar Rapids, IA 11/2008-11/2009
Lori Knapp Companies PraireDuChien ,WI 10/2009-11/2010

I got a certification for a(pcw) Personal Care Worker.
Cared for people with disabilities, my duties are as follows .

-Feed them breakfast,lunch, supper
-Gave them baths when needed
-Adm meds
-Dressed them
-Took them to dr appointments
-Took them to public outings like. Camp ,out to eat ,parks
-Used lifts if needed
-Managed there money
-Order new meds when needed
-Transport clients
-Did daily documentation
-Fed them if needed

Bookkeeper Kochuyt Trucking Alburnett, IA 10/2008-11/2009
 Do all the accounting for the business.
 Operated computers programmed with accounting software.
 Checked figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy.
 Operate calculators, typewriters, and copy machines / received, recorded, and banked cash, checks.

Cook/ Server

Made breakfast and lunch for over 500 people a day . Marshalltown IA 03/2004- 04/2006
Cook/ server/ cashier


Service Master Williamsburg, IA 08/2006-08/2008
Cedar Rapids Janitorial Cedar Rapids, IA 02/2006-08/2007
Manpower/ Kirkwood College Cedar Rapids, IA 06/2004-01/2005
Laverty Cleaning Marshalltown, IA 08/2003-05/2004
 Monitored building security / safety / serviced, cleaned, and supplied restrooms / gathered / emptied trash.
 Cleaned floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.
 Followed safety procedures for the use of chemical cleaners to prevent damage to floors / fixtures.
 Notified managers concerning the need for major repairs to building operating systems.
 Requisition supplies / equipment needed for cleaning / maintenance duties.
 Cleaned windows, glass partitions, and mirrors / cleaned homes and businesses.

Production Lead JE Adams Cedar Rapids, IA 09/2008-12/2008
 Made air vacuums for car washes.
Air Pumps for Convenient stores

Cook/ Server
Made breakfast and lunch for over 500 people a day . Marshalltown IA 03/2004- 04/2006
Cook/ server/ cashier.

Factory Worker Sedona Staffing/ Nordstrom Cedar Rapids, IA 06/2006-09/2007
 Worked for clothing distributer, marked / labeled containers, measured/weighed / counted products.
 Inspected products to ensure packing specifications were met.
 Recorded product / packaging information / removed completed - defective products, placing them on conveyors.

Outbound Telemarketing MCI Cedar Rapids, IA 06/2003-08/2004
 Deliver prepared sales talks describe products / services, to persuade potential customers to purchase.
Contact businesses / private individuals by telephone / explained products / services / prices, and answer questions from customers.

Axia College Business / Account Administration degree pending
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Who is Shelley Crosser?

Shelley Crosser is a person living in Cedarfalls ia , Iowa and is interested in Other.

What is the address and contact information of Shelley Crosser?

Shelley Crosser lives in Cedarfalls ia , Iowa.

Where can I find more information about Shelley Crosser?

You can find more information about Shelley Crosser by click here.

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Name: Shelley Crosser
Location: Cedarfalls ia,Iowa,United States
Job Title: Owner
Company: Class A Cleaning

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