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About Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith is currently living in Kentucky, working as an Affiliate Business Owner in "Xpress Health Care" and is interested in Agriculture & Farming, Consulting, Home Based Biz, Human Resources, Medical/Dental, Work from Home.
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Affiliate Business Owner


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Agriculture & Farming, Consulting, Home Based Biz, Human Resources, Medical/Dental, Work from Home

My Interests

Interested in all-natural products made in America. Organic Agriculture, Eating organically, our National Parks and keeping them safe, Sierra Club, and learning everyday. Reading and more reading....Volunteering in my community, helping others, and seeing my grandson as much as possible.

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Phyllis Smith has joined on Nov 05, 2011

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I live on a farm, practice organic farming, raised 2 children, and have a grandson. My husband and I wish to travel the United States and see all of our National Parks.

My background is all about Health Care! Medical office management, clinical specialist, massage therapist, Holistic health care, and Caregiver. My concerns for many years has been for the millions of people without health care insurance, and how our government must find a way to insure that everyone has access to health care.

My new business is one that I am very proud of. It\'s call Xpress Health Care and it\'s a company that truly cares about the welfare of it\'s membership, and the financial security of it\'s affiliate business owners. Xpress Health Care is the nations largest discount health care membership program, and it\'s my answer for helping my many neighbors, and family that are without insurance or if they are under-insured.

I wish to continue with my business for as long as possible....slowly retire, and live on the residual earnings from my business. The beauty of this business is that I can work it from anywhere....maybe while I\'m camping at Yosemite National Park! Woohoo!

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Phyllis Smith
Name: Phyllis Smith
Location: Kentucky,United States
Job Title: Affiliate Business Owner
Company: Xpress Health Care

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Phyllis Smith
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