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Tara Mccullough is currently living in Alberta, working as a DVH in "NLP TRAINING" and is interested in Education.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming
Certification Program The NLP Practitioner Certification. What will I learn from it? What benefits will I gain?

Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most practical, comprehensive, results based technology of detecting, understanding and getting control of our conscious and unconscious thinking. With this powerful technology your learn how to model excellence of behaviour in yourself and others. Wouldnt you love to create in yourself the millionaire mindset or the most solid and committed communication within your ideal relationship. In your program we will show you how to create this in yourself and others, as a parent, leader, boss, sales person, athlete, or any aspect of your life that requires significant change in your self and your behaviour.
During your NLP Practitioner Training you will learn:
The Basis of NLP - Foundational assumptions from where we begin
- Fundamental beliefs that allow you to start this awesome journey of creating a Master Mindset and free yourself from those old limiting beliefs.
- You will learn to identify and relink the intricate connections between your mind, your emotions and your behavior. - You will learn by a model of proven teaching and communication techniques that provide maximum retention of material.
- You will discover how people learn, how we communicate on different levels and how to use that communication to affect change and bring about evolutionary growth.
- The 11 success principles to maximize your goals - You will learn the difference between achievable and non-achievable outcomes for your goals - Youll Discover the right questions to ask so that your goals are precise and compelling.
- What are the processes that guarantee the success of your goals
Rapport: Developing instant connections with everyone
- Instantly be able to switch onto mutual understanding with anyone you choose
- You will understand the power of body-language and its universal meanings.
- Learning the hidden language that our physiology portrays and using it to communicate unconsciously to the people we meet.
- Using the power of your voice to establish rapport
- You will learn How to create and instant connection when you communicate with strangers and people you just met. Representational Systems Youll understand how our 5 Senses are used to build our internal beliefs about the world we live in.
- Youll discover how our 5 senses are represented in our neural network
- Discover how our 5 senses influence our physical and emotional responses. Whether we are aware of them or not.
- Learn how to identify and use other peoples 5 senses to create instant, lasting rapport and mutual respect.
- Learn how to identify peoples eye accessing cues and discover how they process thoughts by how they move their eyes.
- Uncover how to create lasting powerful learning for maximum information retention, creativity, and flexibility by using these eye patterns.

Submodalities - the precision tools to reprogram your own mind

- Unravel the mystery of how to encode your brain for ultimate success.
- Banishing unwanted behaviors, cravings for wrong foods and minor negative emotions using Submodalities
From our NLP Practitioner
- Precision sequenceing of unconscious instructions to modify disempowering beliefs - The Swish Pattern, instant relief from un-resourceful emotional states Language Patterns Pumping up your Intellectual attributes and personal characteristics with the right words. - How the words we choose unconsciously represent different meanings for everyone.
- Learn how to recognize different personality types by the words they use. - Discover little know secrets of speech modification to achieve instant rapport and acceptance with anyone. - You will Learn how to use vague ambiguous language to induce trance easily and achieve instant agreement - How to Discover someones underlying problem by asking 3 simple questions - How to head off and overcome objections easily - How to change someones mind Anchoring: how to lock in powerful emotional states of mind and body - We will show you how to take control of your internal processes and link them empowering emotions that feed you rather than limit you. - You will learn how to create and set a powerful trigger that will fire off states that will propel you to greatness.
- Youll discover how to instantly stop the external button pushing stimulus of others (what people say or do that sets you off) and take back control of your internal state. - We will help you build the most powerful set of internal resources that you will have access to for the rest of your life. - You will never have to procrastinate again. We will show you how to get from procrastination to motivation in seconds. Strategies - You will discover how everyone has specific sequences or strategies they use for everything they do in their lives and what the internal processes are that get them results, Good or bad. - You will be able to set specific sequences and build strategies that get you successful and precise results everytime. - You will uncover disempowering strategies that limit you and create new result oriented strategies that get you the results your looking for. - You will implement skills that uncover peoples deep love and attraction strategies
- Know how your employees motivation strategy works.
- Youll be happy to pump up your sales by discovering your prospects buying strategy, and the many other unlimited possibilities for this powerful tool. Parts - Discover and Eliminate inner conflicts - How to move beyond self talk like: \"Part of me says its right and another part says I shouldnt\", \"I can\'t decide between these two things\",I know I am capable and have the ability but part of me is afraid. - We will show you a powerful technique that is used by some of the most successful people on the planet for integrating the parts of you that are in conflict. When You Take YOUR Training With Us YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. Youll Be Able To Apply NLP In ALL Areas Of Your Life Including: - Business and Personal - All Modes of Business including Sales and Communication - Learning and Educational - To Create Change and Growth on a Personal Level with yourself and others - Therapy and Relationship
- - Life Coaching

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tara mccullough
Name: Tara Mccullough
Location: Alberta,Canada
Job Title: DVH

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