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Vivian B
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About Vivian B

Vivian B is currently living in Pittsburg, California, working as a VA Secy Pro in "Vivians World of Services".
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VA Secy Pro


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Pittsburg, California

My Interests

My interest is operating a successful business offering online products and services to meet the needs of many. Computer Savvy Super User uses the computer to produce and process a variety of admin and secretarial computer work including: Computer Support and Training, Data Entry, Medical Billing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Excel, Word, Database Management, Website Design, Software Training, Email Handling, and Special Projects. Visit our website to see our products and additional services available to you.

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Vivian B has joined on Oct 29, 2011

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Small business owner with a diverse interest performs a variety of online admin and secretarial projects, website design, computer training, sells Avon and a variety of online products for grocery, baby care,, computers, books, and helps others find jobs and live a healthy life.

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Vivian B
Name: Vivian B
Location: Pittsburg,California,United States
Job Title: VA Secy Pro
Company: Vivians World of Services

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Vivian B
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