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Horst Heller is currently living in Bellbrook, Ohio, working as a Chef/Culinary Marketing Guide in "Culinary Associates" and is interested in Consulting, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Marketing.
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Chef/Culinary Marketing Guide


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Bellbrook, Ohio

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Consulting, Food, Bev, Tobacco, Home Based Biz, Marketing

My Interests

Cooking and Golf

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Horst Heller has joined on Sep 19, 2011

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Mr. Heller a graduate from a Hotel and Restaurant Management School near Munich, Germany, has worked for more than 40 years in the Food Service Industry. He started with an apprenticeship in a restaurant in Wiesbaden, Germany. He then went on to work as a Sous Chef and Executive Chef at various restaurants in Europe and the United States, and was the managing partner in four different operations. Most recently he was Partner and Chef at the \"Old Europe Caf\" in Springboro, Ohio and currently is an Independet Business Partner with Rastelli Direct

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Horst Heller
Name: Horst Heller
Location: Bellbrook,Ohio,United States
Job Title: Chef/Culinary Marketing Guide
Company: Culinary Associates

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Horst Heller
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