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Tammy Bratcher is currently living in Tampa, Florida, working as an Organic Permanent Makeup in "Premier Cosmetic Solutions" and is interested in Chemicals, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial Services, Health & Beauty, HospitalityTravel, Medical/Dental, Products, Services.
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Organic Permanent Makeup


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Tampa, Florida

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Chemicals, Entertainment, Fashion, Financial Services, Health & Beauty, HospitalityTravel, Medical/Dental, Products, Services

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We utilize concentrated pigments that don't contain metals, thus making them MRI Safe, long lasting and more natural looking in the skin. These pigments deliver unparalleled longevity and predictability on any skin type. Now you can have the colors you have always wanted. Everything from champagne blonde brows to soft purple slate eyeliners. Lip Colors in browns, reds, berries, mauves, even almond. These colors carry so much pigment even the nude pinks and peachy browns are packed full of lasting color. Lip Enlargement Hair Stroke Brows Brow Bone hilights Cheek Color Camouflage Eyeshadow Effects Eyelash Enhancements Areola Restoration Correction and Removal

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tammy bratcher has joined on Aug 26, 2011

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Tammy Bratcher has been in the beauty industry for over 23 years. She specializes in lip enlargements, hair-stroke eyebrows, and permanent makeup Correction. Tammy has performed thousands of permanent makeup procedures, in the past 16 years, in various plastic surgeon\'s offices, laser centers, spas, and salons. She has become a leader in her field and has been an instructor in the art of micro-pigmentation for over eight years.
Tammy Bratcher is invested in staying up-to-date with all the new techniques and technologies to bring you the very best, most comfortable and safest procedures available today, creating the natural appearance you desire.

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tammy bratcher
Name: Tammy Bratcher
Location: Tampa,Florida,United States
Job Title: Organic Permanent Makeup
Company: Premier Cosmetic Solutions

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tammy bratcher
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