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Winnipeg Hair Extensions is currently living in winnipeg, Manitoba, working as a Winnipeg Extreme Hair Extensions in "Winnipeg Hair Extensions" and is interested in Health & Beauty.
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Winnipeg Extreme Hair Extensions


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winnipeg, Manitoba

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Health & Beauty

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Hair Extensions Hair extensions have been a growing trend for many years now and can be found on women in every profession from modeling to motherhood. Some have decided to install hair extensions simply to thicken up their own existing hair thus giving them full luscious locks while others choose extensions due to a bad haircut, minor hair loss or for a dramatic appearance change. Your unique personality should guide you in choosing extensions that are both fabulous and perfect for you! If you have always dreamed of having long flowing hair, now you can. Please read over all my pages, and if you are serious in fulfilling your dreams, contact me today!

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Winnipeg Hair Extensions has joined on Aug 09, 2011

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WINNIPEG EXTREME HAIR EXTENSIONS - 1/2 OFF ANY SALON PRICE OF HAIR EXTENSIONS.....THERE IS NO COMPARISON TO THE TECHNIQUE OF FUSION...THAT I HAVE BEEN DOING FOR OVER 15 YEARS....but also changed this past year so much that ladies that have had done in Vancouver went back and have contacted me since....asking for my secret.........(this includes EVERYTHING HAIR & INSTALL!!! AND WILL NOT CHANGE FOR EXTRAS) PLEASE READ ALL INFO BEFORE CONTACTING AND GO TO MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SAVES US ALL TIME AND MONEY...
You don\'t need to be a star to get that long hair now!!!!! DREAMED OF HAVING LONG HAIR FOR THAT SPECIAL DAY? MODELING? FITNESS COMPETING? GRADUATING OR JUST WANT LONG FLOWING HAIR FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE?????? *******NO THIS IS NOT SEWN IN OR A TEMPORARY GLUE, you will not have bulk or thickness that you feel and see like wefts! Also, no links/clips OR Metal sharp pieces that you not only can see but feel when your hair is up/pony, etc. Fusion strand bonds end up feeling soft and with a light hand over your hair YOU CANNOT FEEL THE ATTACHMENTS, LUMPS, CLIPS LINKS. This is for the new fusion natural looking AND FEELING strands LIKE THE STARS!!YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RUN YOUR HAND OVER YOUR HEAD, PUT IN PONY, UPDO, WITHOUT ANYTHING VISABLE. I have had those having wefts, and other fusions that came to me just recently so happy to get rid of the \'mullet\' look or the obvious fake look of extensions. Be sure you do a search to see what others are saying about the NEW LINKS/LOCS, THAT SLIP (SEE INTERNET FOR DISCUSSIONS EVERYWHERE). Your hair naturally shrinks when wet, which causes slippage for most. I also do micro-links, but do not suggest because of this reason. You can have thick longer hair in the shades you choose....there are no limitations....
If you don\'t want clip ins that show, or a glue that will last for one wash and No heavy/bulky tracks or visable links, just free flowing loose strands that are undetectable and the bond matches your hair exactly, YOU MUST TRY FUSION. I stopped doing the sewn in tract method about 8 years ago, as times changed, because of clients stating that links/locs slip I no longer recommend but still have some clients who prefer. Do not be fooled with other techniques which cut a loose strand of hair of weft, dip in adhesive and roll into your hair, these bonds are quite large and can be very noticeable, and because they are not fully infused with your natural hair, they slip and shed a lot. Using the fusion loose strands IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE NATURAL LOOK. I use a Fusion Heat wand tool to make strands almost undetectable, almost no shedding (compared to other techniques) The strands are connected by using a Keratin based product, which we all know is good for your hair. (not like other glues) Prices include hair, preparation of hair (3-4 hours of pre-bonding different size strands for each individual placement), full install 4-6 hours. All hair for above prices is remy (cheaper hair can be purchased for short term extensions and are called Serpia (only hair supplied on demand in Winnipeg) AS WELL, IF LOOKING AROUND, BE SURE TO GET A FULL QUOTE, AS SOME MAY START AT $650.00, BUT THAT IS FOR SHORT, LOW QUALITY HAIR, AND NOT A FULL HEAD - be sure to ask the hair you would be getting). Blending and/or coloring if needed will be done by the stylist of your choice. I do the extensions in private and as well, I only do one at a time, so I don\'t take any other appointments, answer phones or talk to any other clients while you are sitting, which will also increases your time having to sit in the chair.

See my WEB PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION Before emailing! REMY QUALITY HAIR FUSION:$475.00 for 1/2 head - HUGE SAVINGS COMPARED TO SALON) $575.00 adding length thickness to full head . Long term clients will be put on a touch up plan for years of growth, until your natural hair is grown out)
Please see my Web site first for further information: (currently updating) and send your pictures a YOU MUST GO AND VIEW WEB PAGE FIRST....THEN CONTACT ME WHEN READY TO BOOK (this enables me to keep my cost down for all)
A deposit will be taken to order hair and covers the cost of hair, shipping and pre-bonding. Deposits must be made 3-4 weeks prior to allow international shipping.

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Winnipeg Hair Extensions
Name: Winnipeg Hair Extensions
Location: winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Job Title: Winnipeg Extreme Hair Extensions
Company: Winnipeg Hair Extensions

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