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Randy Walenta is currently living in British Columbia, working as a Network Marketing Affiliate in "That Free Thing" and is interested in Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Services, Work from Home.
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Network Marketing Affiliate


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British Columbia

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Affiliate Program, Home Based Biz, Marketing, Services, Work from Home

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I am 46 years old of Irish and German heritage and living on the west coast of Canada for the past 21 years.I have mainly held blue collar trade jobs in construction but have also worked in health and in hospitality.I have done movie extra work as a hobby and also internet broadcasting.I am a content creator in 2 virtual online worlds and now most recently an affliate marketer with That Free Thing (Canada).Many questions can be answered in our live webinars but if it is marketing related or any team building concern I am avalable to you to help in any way I can. Your success is my success ! Join my That Free Thing team today. Contact Email:

That Free Thing Freebies Review

If you havent had a chance to review That Free Thing thoroughly, lets break it down so you can get the summary and jist of this exploding online business opportunity.

2 Membership Options:

- A free membership this free member ship is known as a freeloader which gives you a portal membership to the world of FREE EVERYTHING. For literally $0, you can signup and become a free That Free Thing member and get instant access to all kinds of daily deals including; free products, free services, discounts, coupons, and their brand new effective October 1, 2011: Daily Deals Platform. That Free Thing is continually updating and adding more valuable to its free membership.

- Upgraded Membership The paid membership is for people or families who want extra value, including features like video email service, internal email structure, exclusive special freebies and an awesome chance to participate in their affiliate marketing or network marketing structure. There is a great way to earn extra commissions/income just by referring FREE THINGS!

Also more expansion and growth from That Free Thing since the official launch on October 1, 2011 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

New & Enhanced That Free Thing Features:

- New Discount Model
- New Vendor Model
- New Replicated Website Template
- Freebie Face-lift
- Facebook integration (Like Contest)

1. That Free Thing New Discount Model

This has to be one of the biggest upsides That Free Thing has to offer. The daily deals, online coupons, and freebies arena is absolutely exploding with companies like Groupon, Living Social, etc and the chance to enter this niche as an instant competitor is truly exciting. This new discount and daily deals platform being introduced to That Free Thing in October 2011 has been getting developed and tweaked 6 minors prior and is finally releasing the full, live edition that will add so much extra value and worth to the company and opportunity.

That Free Thing as a company will be streaming in thousands of daily deals from other related daily deal websites. The magnitutde this is at the core level implies this company has the PERFECT business model for growth and opportunity. FREE IS WHERE THE FORTUNE IS. That Free Thing is building a self-sustained, self-interest, more value with every member company that you need to be apart of. The FREE CONCEPT is exploding and you can enter that entire industry with 1 company, 1 team in a major way.

2. That Free Thing Vendor Model

The newly implemented vendor model at the core is the pride and joy of this company. That Free Thing vendor model is a revolutionary, cutting edge way for businesses and entrepreneurs to get their deals in front of thousands for virtually no cost, all while being able to manage deals and track everything. What is exciting even more is that if your an upgraded That Free Thing member you can sign up businesses and vendors and earn 5% of EVERY sale they generate. They are limiting to only 500 vendors initially so ACT NOW if you see the huge opportunity that is present with that free thing.

Dont wait, this is an opportunity for the masses to make money with!

Join me and the other thousands of members at That Free Thing Today.

Goto and sign up now.

Randy Walenta

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Randy Walenta
Name: Randy Walenta
Location: British Columbia,Canada
Job Title: Network Marketing Affiliate
Company: That Free Thing

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