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About Tameka Bailey

Tameka Bailey is currently living in Ricmond, Texas, working as an OrganoGold Consultant in "Organogold" and is interested in Home Based Biz.
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OrganoGold Consultant


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Ricmond, Texas

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Home Based Biz

My Interests

My interests are to become financially free as to where I won't have to work for someone else's goals and dreams, I will be working for my own. If, I wanted to just go on a vacation for a whole month I can, and if I wanted to just go purchase that new Mercedes I can do that as well, but this won't work without my own dual team and if you give me a call you could find out what this means...pick up the phone and call...

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Tameka Bailey has joined on Jul 01, 2011

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I actually got started with this business through a co-worker, who brought me into this business and she is called my sponsor and she also has the gold pack which is the $1200 promotion pack and she get\'s the max 20% commission of whatever I and my dual team make based on our sales and the people we get to sign up. Don\'t get it confused she don\'t get any part of the money we make she get 20% automatically based off of the sales we make for the month or year. She basically saw me with a cup of Starbucks in my hand and asked me how often did I drink coffee and I told her it depends on the day. So, she told me she is starting her new business and she had a sample of instant coffee that tastes just like freshly made brewed coffee and it gives you lots of energy and doesn\'t give you that crash and keeps your PHI level down. So, she gave me this packet it was the mocha, so I put it in my pocket and when I got off from work I went home to try and do my school work. But, my only problem was I was very tired and sleepy and wanted to take at least an hour knapp. But, then I realized I still had that packet of coffee, I went and boiled some water, poured the water in a cup, emptied the packet in the hot water, waited till it cooled down just a little and drank it. Not even five to ten seconds later the energy oh my gosh was very incredible not only did I finish my school work, but I started cleaning up and cooking and it was late. When I finished, I decided to go to bed and guess what no jitters. You know how if you drink coffee late at night you won\'t be able to get a lick of sleep. Not, with this coffee I slept like a newborn baby that don\'t awake every hour this stuff is amazing, I will never go back to Starbucks, McDonalds, or any of the other caffeine based coffees. I am hooked for life and in not to mention I have lost 7 pounds already and it has only been 2 weeks...

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Tameka Bailey
Name: Tameka Bailey
Location: Ricmond,Texas,United States
Job Title: OrganoGold Consultant
Company: Organogold

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